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CTI Integration with CRM

People in today’s day and age don’t buy product or a service but they buy an experience. The way you treat your customer will speak volumes about your business and will either make or break your reputation amongst your customers. It is important to make your customers feel valued regardless of what type of business they provide to your organization.

However, it is not you but your agents, your frontline executives that deal with your customers on a daily basis and these are the ones that create the image of your company in the eyes of your customers. So, it is crucially important to arm your agents with the right tools to make each and every conversation with your customers a valuable interaction. Think about a CRM call center software that will help your agents convert every call into a sale. CTI integrated with CRM can make your live agent’s job a lot easier, and will drive those sales numbers through the roof.

What is CTI Integration with CRM?

Computer Telephony Integration is a feature that creates a personalized experience for the customers and the agents alike as there is a pop-up on the screen of the agent that feeds all the information of the customers which in turn helps the agent to service the customer better. This includes the customer preferences, history, and other important details. A CTI integrated CRM enables you to populate the required data on the same interface and learn more about the process in order to optimize it further.

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Benefits of CTI integration with CRM

Maximize Customer Experience

A customer’s experience drastically changes when the CRM is being integrated with CTI as it feeds all the customer information to the agent with a pop up so that the agent knows the customer better in order to service them properly. The agents work also gets much easier, as they don’t have to go searching for the customer’s details.

Boost Agent Performance

In any organization it is very important to use your resources wisely in order to get optimal results. Enabling your agents with the right tools helps them perform efficiently which results in more sales and revenue being generated.

Increases Revenue

You don’t have to spend a lot on hardware and software installation and also don’t have to get rid of your existing hardware. It is a simple integration of the CTI with CRM wherein you can scale your business and save in multiple ways.

Easy Outbound Calls

After CTI integration with CRM, your agents will be able to make outbound calls with just a click of a button rather than a traditional physical dialling method where there are chances of error. Call recording is another added benefit of CRM call center software that lets you listen to the calls afterwards and optimize your business even further.

Automated Call Routing

It goes without saying that there are huge volumes of calls that an organization receives on a daily basis. It is important to automatically re-route calls and keep the call flow steady. Your customers wouldn’t like to wait for a long time and hence re-routing calls in an orderly fashion serves the business well.

What Our Clients Have To Say

  • Client Story -
    “Ever since deploying Customer Support Solution, our customer engagement and retention rates have constantly been on the rise! From a customer’s perspective, the overall experience has been phenomenal. We look forward to doing many more projects with”
    Mr. Ashish Gopal Saxena
    Chief Technology Officer at UGRO Capital Ltd
  • Client Story -
    “We were looking for a solution that could be seamlessly integrated with our backend softwares. Our business model requires getting clients onboard on the fast track. empowered our agents with a single-screen interface for multiple tasks which subsequently helped us provide a seamless experience for all our customers. is a highly efficient and customer-oriented solution and we recommend it for all contact center requirements.”
    Mr. Suraj Sarda
    Chief Accounts & Finance Officer at Astute Group
  • Client Story -
    “We couldn’t have found a better contact center solution to help us independently handle all the customer queries across all our 12 brands. seamlessly integrated into our existing CRM, making available all the details of the telephony in our CRM itself and providing us with exceptional reporting and monitoring abilities. We have witnessed a tremendous growth in productivity - around 29% - after employing as our contact center solution. I would personally recommend for all businesses that would like to enhance their customer experience..”
    Mr. Mukhtar Ansari
    Associate Vice President - Information Technology & Infrastructure - Rebel Foods
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