The customer experience (CX) is a game changer for companies across all industries. From airlines to retail stores, hotels to banks, and internet providers to gaming companies, the overall success of many businesses can be directly traced back to the quality of customer service they provide.

A study found that 75% of gamers are more likely to purchase a game that provides a good customer and support experience, while only 25% are likely to purchase a game with a poor customer experience.

The Importance of the Customer Experience (CX) in Gaming

Gamers who have a positive customer experience are more likely to recommend a game to friends and family, which can lead to increased word-of-mouth marketing and sales

There are a few key reasons why CX can turntables in the gaming industry:

  1. Gamers are willing to pay more for a better customer experience: In a survey of over 500 gamers, 85% said that they would pay more for a better customer experience. This shows that CX is a key factor in the purchasing decisions of gamers.
  2. CX drives customer loyalty: A study found that companies with high levels of customer experience maturity had an average revenue growth of 17%, while those with low levels of customer experience maturity saw an average revenue decline of 6%. Hungry for customer loyalty? Start with improving your CX game.
  3. Companies with strong CX outperform competitors: A study by Accenture found that companies in the gaming industry with strong CX outperform their competitors by almost 80% in terms of shareholder returns.

The Role of Chatbots & Conversational AI in Gaming

Chatbots can shoot up customer retention rates by providing personalised recommendations and assistance to users. Chatbots and conversational artificial intelligence (AI) can play a significant role in improving the customer experience (CX) for users of gaming products and services. There are certain  ways that chatbots and conversational AI can be used in the gaming industry.

Chatbots and conversational AI can provide instant support and personalised assistance to gaming users. They can enhance the overall user experience and offer in-game assistance

Chatbots and conversational AI can improve user engagement and satisfaction, leading to increased revenue and customer loyalty for gaming companies

3 Steps to acing a smooth CX in the gaming arena

  1. Delve in the Metaverse

The metaverse is a virtual shared space that offers endless customization and immersion for users. While still in its early stages, it has the potential to provide a unique and immersive digital experience for players. However, providing customer support within the metaverse can be challenging. Companies must find ways to offer support to users while they are actively engaged in the game.

How to overcome these challenges?

To provide a seamless experience, customer support within the metaverse may involve avatars that players can approach in-game to resolve issues. The goal for support teams will be to remain in the background, allowing players to fully immerse themselves in the game without being interrupted by external issues

  1. Personalisation is the key

 By using data analytics and machine learning, gaming companies can gather data on user preferences and behaviours and use this information to tailor the CX to the individual needs and interests of each user.

For example, a gaming company may use data analytics to track which games a user plays most frequently and what in-game items they purchase. This information can be used to offer personalised recommendations for new games or in-game content that may be of interest to the user.

  1. Boost Customer support automation

Automation of customer support can include multiple channels for support, such as chat, email, and phone, as well as self-service options like online FAQs and knowledge bases.

In the gaming industry, using automated solutions can help to reduce costs and speed up the resolution of customer support tickets. However, including human support staff and providing them with the right marketing messaging can actually help to increase revenue for a company. 


In the end, it’s clear that strong CX is essential to an immersive gaming experience. Gamers today are well-informed, quick to demand a seamless experience whether they’re playing online or offline, and always looking for a way to connect with their friends. If you can give them exactly what they want, then you will have created a loyal player base that comes back time and time again.