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Can a call center software be integrated into a CRM or Helpdesk software?

Yes, a call center software can be easily integrated into your existing CRM or helpdesk software with the help of API connectors, providing it with calling abilities.

What are the benefits of integrating CRM call center software with the Helpdesk software?

Integrating a call center solution with a helpdesk software will empower it with additional features such as single sign-on, click-to-call functionality, CTI-pop ups and voice logs & reports.

Can we integrate a CRM call center software to an existing mobile application? If so, how can it benefit me?

Yes, a CRM call center software can be easily integrated into your existing mobile application. The mobile application will be empowered with calling abilities with this integration. Your customers will be able to get in touch with you directly through the mobile app, and the security features will ensure complete protection of customer information.

What is the price of a CRM call center software and how much would it cost to do these integrations?

Our pricing model is quite reasonable and competitive. We offer cloud and on-premise models. Kindly get in touch with us and share with us your requirements; we will discuss the pricing with you accordingly.

Is the integration of with Zoho, Salesforce, Freshdesk and other leading CRM and helpdesk software providers, smooth and seamless?

Yes, in fact, has been listed on the website of Zoho corp as one of the contact center solutions that is an excellent telephony partner to Zoho CRM

Reporting and Analytics

As a supervisor, how can help me?

Benefits of call monitoring software for Supervisors:

A call monitoring software such as has elaborate reporting features. It has a separate login for supervisors that displays real-time reporting, analytics and historical reports to help you gain deep insights into all the activities of your agents.

Can I track SLAs and other important metrics in a call monitoring software?

A call monitoring software helps you track SLA and other important KPIs such as Agent Handling Time, Average speed of Answer, Average hold time, First call resolution etc. This helps you figure out the overall productivity of your team and helps you make better, data-driven decisions.

Does a call monitoring software provide agent productivity reports, call detail reports and other important reports?

Yes, a call monitoring software such as provides a comprehensive agent productivity report and call detail report.
Other reports include Inbound Performance Reports, Abandoned Calls Report, Missed Call Reports, Voicemail Report, Auto Call Distribution Detail Report, Campaign Call Distribution Summary Report, Manual Outbound Performance Report and CallBack Report. These reports can be exported to your email ID in PDF, CSV or JSON formats.

Does a call monitoring software have different logins for agents, supervisors and admins?

Yes, a call monitoring software such as provides a separate login portal for agents, supervisors and admins. The information and accessibility on all these portals vary according to the requirements and responsibilities of the given user.

Does have wallboard features?

Yes, we do install wallboards. Wallboards collate all important metrics such as average handling time, SLA, Average speed of answer etc. These metrics can be changed and customized according to your will and can be displayed on an LCD screen or a projector screen for better visibility.

Inbound features

Can an inbound call software redirect the same customer to me each time he calls?

Yes, an inbound call software ensures that a customer is redirected to the same agent each time he calls. This results in friendlier conversations and saves the time of an agent in the aspect of getting acquainted with the customer’s queries before handling the call.

On a multi-channel inbound call software, which are the different channels on which I can interact with my customers?

A multi-channel inbound call software helps you interact with your customers through voice, SMS, email, Facebook and Twitter.

How can an inbound call software increase the efficiency with which I can respond to my customers?

An inbound call software has many features such as CTI screen pop-ups, that display the information of a customer whenever they call, an intelligent IVR that routes calls to the agent most skilled to handle the query and multi-channel interaction, that streamlines all the queries of customers on one platform.

What are the latest call routing features in an inbound call software?

An inbound call center software such as has intelligent contact routing, which helps resolve the queries of a customer without routing it to an agent; unless it requires the expertise of that particular agent. This improves the overall agent productivity.

How can help me if I miss a customer’s call?

If an agent is busy, automatically calls the customer as soon as the agent becomes available. This feature is called the web callback feature.

Outbound features

How can my ROI increase with a predictive dialer software?

A predictive dialer software initiates automatic calls to your customers without the need to dial it manually. It detects and skips busy signals, numbers in the DNC list and calls heading to the answering machine and further connects an agent directly to the customer. This helps improve agent efficiency and consequently the overall ROI.

How can an outbound call center software help me improve my marketing and promotional campaigns?

An outbound call center software such as provides features such as automated broadcast that sends mass pre-recorded messages and voice notifications. This helps you reach out to a large crowd and promote your products efficiently.

Can I set up automatic call campaigns with an outbound call center software?

Yes, you can schedule call campaigns with an outbound call center software, by adding all the data to the system and setting the time at which you wish to run it. The calls will be automatically assigned to the available agents.

Can I run multiple outbound call campaigns from an outbound call center software?

Yes, allows you to run multiple call campaigns at the same time. A supervisor can assign an agent to a campaign according to the requirements of the campaign.

Mobile application

Can I receive inbound calls and make outbound calls with a contact center mobile application?

Yes, a contact center mobile application does allow an agent to make outbound calls and receive inbound calls on-the-go.

Can I access customer information with a contact center mobile application?

An agent can access the information of a customer while browsing through the mobile app. Whenever a customer calls, a CTI pop-up displaying the information of the customer is also made available.

Does a contact center mobile application have the sticky agent feature?

Yes, a contact center mobile application does have the sticky agent feature. This feature routes the calls of a customer to the same agent each time that particular customer calls.

Is the mobile application of reliable and safe?

Yes,’s mobile application ensures complete safety of customer information. is compliant to PCI DSS and all other industry norms to ensure that customer information is always safe within our system.

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