Getting Your Call Center Back To Work After COVID-19 Pandemic

With news of the global markets opening up, various sectors such as collection agencies, call centers are planning on opening up their workplace and resume business as usual. While businesses are waiting to open up their workspaces, there are a few strings attached though. Businesses are subject to reopening, depending on the severity and the number of cases in the state or region. A lot of planning would need to go into opening up offices and call center floors while maintaining social distancing and basic precautions to prevent the spread of the pandemic while ensuring maximum safety for the staff at all times.

Finding the New Normal:

The pandemic has forced managers, HR, and Operations to put on their thinking hats and to come up with a solution on what the new call center post-pandemic would look like and how it would function. Planning desk space, clean and sanitized computer equipment, and maintaining the highest levels of protection are key to ensure that employees are kept safe at all times. There are also plans on opening up the offices in a more systematic manner and in phases, and ensuring that all safety precautions are taken will help reinstate employee’s confidence.

Keeping the Workspace Less Crowded:

To ensure maximum safety, it has been recommended by many that wherever possible, to let employees continue with working from home and to open up call centers to only those where working from home is extremely challenging. Wherever possible, employees can continue using remote working and automation solutions and with the help of Intalk, the same can be made possible, to ensure that their productivity does not take a hit.

Have a Disaster Management Plan:

While you and your staff may maintain all the social distancing and protocols at all times, there may be instances where a few employees may get infected with the virus and in this scenario, a disaster management team can spring into action not just to ensure that the infected employee receives the medical aid and attention he/she needs, but to also ensure that contact tracking and monitoring other employees is done in the right manner, in order to prevent the infection from spreading further to other employees as well.
All of the above steps will ensure that your call centre is able to run efficiently and as securely and safely as possible.