There are many ways to improve the customer experience of an organization. Keeping customers happy can help your business grow in unimaginable ways. Most companies are going out of their way to improve the customer experience of their organization. While you set out on this quest to make customers happy, the real question sneaks up on you, how can I make my customers happy? What are the practices and habits that I would have to work towards to make them more inclined to use my services?
Customers interact with businesses in different ways. A multi-channel contact center solution can make a huge difference in the way you interact with your customers. The answer to these questions lies within the data that contact center solutions possess.

Call Detail Reports:

Call details reports provide a complete history of the call activity with your customers and agents. As your agents represent your organization, keeping a tab on all call activities is prudent and quite frankly, necessary in many instances. This kind of data is necessary to resolve any kind of dispute that arises between your employees and customers due to miscommunication, or any other factors. The regulatory bodies of many countries have made it mandatory for a contact center to possess the call records of the past few years in order to resolve any kind of dispute that arises between a customer and an organization. This can also help you protect your business from any unnecessary lawsuits. Following are the metrics that are covered in a call detail report:

  • Call Time
  • Customer Name
  • Campaign Name
  • Agent Name
  • Duration
  • Call Disposition
  • Recording
  • Remark
  • Inbound/Outbound

Graphs and Charts:

Auto dialer

When data is presented in the right manner, you can make the connections which can be the winning moves for your organization. Taking major business decisions is not easy. Well organized information always helps one make better interpretations; our mind is hardwired that way. Graphs summarize a lot of information in one visual. Presenting information in graphs and charts will help supervisors better understand the factors that hinder the growth of their employees and give them the insights that can help them improve. A contact center solution provides graphs and metrics to help supervisors get an overview of all the calling operations.

Campaign Management:

If you are planning to run a marketing campaign, you will have to answer the inquiries that will be pouring in right after. It isn’t easy to manage the incoming queries from one campaign but what if your organization decides to run multiple campaigns at one time. This can prove to be a quite demanding task if you have limited resources. here may be times, when your agents are on-queue in a campaign which is low on activity or one of your campaigns is so high on activity that you need additional agents for support. A contact center solution helps you prioritize and direct your agents to the campaigns which are high on activity so that you can respond to your customers quickly and improve customer satisfaction.

  • Check which campaign an agent is assigned to
  • Switch an agent from a particular campaign
  • Check if an agent is on Call, on Hold or Waiting, etc

Training Agents:

Your agents will need direction on how they can handle customer queries better. A contact center solution provides live agent monitoring tools that give supervisors the ability to oversee the performance of the agents so that they can understand where they need to improve and give direction to them accordingly.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys:

Contact center solutions remove the guesswork that is involved in understanding your customers. One can provide the option of a customer survey report at the end of every interaction with every customer to rate their experience with the agent that they just conversed with. This can help you understand our agent’s rapport with your customers. If an agent scores less, the supervisor can take a close look at all the conversations and help the agent improve his interaction skills. The information can be displayed in graphs and charts so that the supervisor can interpret the information in a better manner.

Customer experience can be improved by understanding your customers’ needs thoroughly and then communicating the same information to your agents. A call monitoring software can help you better understand your customers by keeping a tab on all the interactions between your customers and your agents and giving you an advantage of improving these interactions over time.