At, we have been able to come up with various ground-breaking and innovative CX solutions. We aim at helping employees to work remotely and ensure the quality of resolution remains unaffected.

How Covid-19 is Accelerating Remote Working and Automation in the Call Center Industry?

The year 2020 has been historic in more ways than one and will be remembered for generations to come. The pandemic changed the way we live and how we started needing to exercise precautions. It changed the way offices function and the way people work. It soon became evident that businesses needed to look for innovative alternatives to grow and sail through the pandemic. It led to companies deciding to take up digital solutions. Digital platforms ensured an employee had the option of staying and working from home during these challenging times.

The most Impacted Sector:

One of the sectors that suffered the most is the call center industry and primarily the customer center department, as it is one of the most crucial points of contact that a customer relies on for information and solutions. At, an omnichannel customer interaction platform helped employees work remotely. Agents could now take calls, emails, chat from their homes.

Heading into the Future:

There is a surge of new COVID cases global and new mutations are getting discovered. Many countries are gearing up for a second lockdown.

Keeping this in mind, has prepared itself well in advance. With the help of cloud telephony, working from home can be accepted as the new working norm. Quality coaches and team leaders can monitor employee performance, average call time, hold time, and other performance aspects of an agent remotely, thus ensuring that the contact center can function smoothly.

It has provided customers with options such as automated responses, where bots provide customers with resolutions. The customer is connected to an agent only if the need arises. 

Here the customer can choose from two options – chat or speak with an agent and find answers to their queries.

As the world is learning to adapt to the current pandemic, is coming up with advanced customer interaction solutions. It ensures that businesses remain unhampered and creative ideas can help organizations to grow.