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Salesforce is undoubtedly one of the best CRM you can use but it misses the calling feature. Salesforce is an American cloud-based company that provides customer relationship management products through a  suite of enterprise applications focused on customer service, marketing automation, analytics, and application development.

Why do organizations require CRM software?

CRM software allows an organization to be organized and get more efficient with the way they work. It allows many business aspects to be carried out under one software. From sales to marketing campaigns and even business analytics. These CRMs when integrated with the right tool can boost performance and make organizations more efficient and accessible. CRMs also additionally help organizations manage the extensive contact database, track leads and automate customer service interactions.

CRMs now also have a mobile application to help employees to have the information on the go in their hands. Below is a statistic of organizations with and without mobile CRM. You can easily gauge that CRM software has helped organizations achieve their sales quotas as compared to those who don’t use a CRM. Many businesses have chosen Salesforce to be their CRM, making it the world’s #1 CRM. Salesforce is able to align customer needs and grow businesses.

CRM’s like Salesforce helps your organization target the right audience, design better automation based on what individual leads or customers do, and automate when you should be talking to your leads and customer. Technology can also make it easier for everyone. It also helps in improving client relationships and retention.

Salesforce is the most popular CRM solution, simply because they were first to market and were a pioneer in cloud computing. Salesforce has various third-party apps available on their app exchange, as well as a large marketplace.

What is Salesforce CTI?

Salesforce CTI (Computer Telephone Integration) allows the CRM to be able to make or receive calls from within the Salesforce UI. It is one of the popular methods used. This is achieved through a set of APIs that helps create the communication between the calling platform and the CRM.

Benefits of Salesforce CTI

1. Click to call functionality

If you are a small business or large organization, your customers’ prefer reaching you through calls. This makes it crucial to have a contact center solution linked to your Salesforce CRM to handle these calls. Click-to-call functionality simplifies the calling process of a CRM. It makes the phone number clickable within the Salesforce CRM. No need for any additional infrastructure to be set up. This helps in increasing the productivity of the contact center agents.

2. Call recording and reports

The CTI allows Salesforce to be a platform to receive and/or make calls but also keep logs and produce reports & analytics. With the addition of with Salesforce, these calls are automatically recorded. It allows contact center agents to go back to the conversation if require and can additionally also be used for training purposes.

3. Single sign-on

Using a Salesforce CTI is very easy. The contact center agents need not have to log in to two systems. The CTI allows the agents to be signed on to their Salesforce CRM which automatically logs the agent into 

4. CTI Pop-ups

A contact center agent requires all the information of the customer – like name, query etc to be able to connect personally with them. The CTI Pop-ups help to achieve this. This feature helps the agent gain a quick insight into your customer’s information before starting the conversation. A pop-up displaying all the history of the customer and insights on the preferences are quickly displayed when a call arrives.


Conclusion: is an agile contact center platform that makes it easier for organizations or contact centers to integrate the calling feature inside  Salesforce CRM. This helps the agent to have all the customer data accumulated in the CRM, place the call and help solve customer problems. This in turn improves the customers’ experience and helps contact center agents perform better.

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