How the Pandemic has Impacted and Changed the Way Call Centers Work

The year 2020 has been extremely challenging from the business perspective, and it will go down in history as a year that changed the way people work. Organizations realized the importance of digital platforms, and remote working from home has become the new norm. Cloud computing saw a massive increase as it became easier to share several documents and files a lot easier by merely uploading them onto the online virtual drive.

How it Changed the Call Center Industry:

The customer service/care industry is one of the sectors that has been affected the most. As the pandemic resulted in remote working, the call center industry had the challenge of handing and attending a large influx in the number of calls received. 

While setting up the entire work from the home system may have been time-consuming and had many a roadblock, once integrated, it has now become the new norm for various call centers. Communicating with team members and supervisors has become possible because of upgraded call center technology which ensures that the quality of service and resolution provided to the customer does not suffer.

Effective use of Technology:

As mentioned, work from home has been made easy due to advancement in customer experience technology. For the call center industry, has been at the forefront, backing and updating call centers constantly. It helps customer service teams resolve the challenges of working from home and find productive solutions for the same.

As the global COVID numbers and deaths continue to rise, working from home may be here to stay for quite some time, especially since many countries have started reimposing lockdowns. Cloud-based contact center solutions have also played a significant role in maintaining the good quality of work. They ensure agents can work efficiently from a remote location. Earlier, they relied on landline phones, which are not just costlier but are also less efficient and slower.

How AI has made its Impact Felt:

The recent advancements made in AI has helped in improving the performance of older call center systems. The advent of chatbots has helped customers get answers and solutions to their issues without the need to speak or chat with an agent. The goal is that the virtual chatbot gives the customers automated answers by answering a few questions before transferring the call over to the executive.

As various industries and sectors have come to grips with what could be the new norm for a while, making the best and most resourceful use of the available technology and tools will ensure that business can commence as usual.