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Having the right inbound contact center software can make a huge impact on the way your brand is perceived. Without a good inbound call center solution, dealing with a huge volume of inbound calls can be quite confusing for your agents, and as a result, it can lead to a steep decline in customer satisfaction. has best-in-class features such as an Intelligent IVR, Automatic Call Distribution (ACD), Multi-Channel Interaction Handling, Web Self-Service (Chatbot), CTI Screen Pop-up and many others, to help provide a frictionless experience to your customers as reduce the Agent Handle Time (AHT) and improve First Call Resolution (FCR).

Inbound contact center solutions can drastically change the way your business functions and will accelerate growth. With an advanced inbound call center software, it will become easier for you to handle the influx of inbound calls which generally would be chaotic for your agents. A smooth functioning of inbound call activity will help the agents work in a much-organised manner, which inturn will lead to customer delight. At, we are dedicated to provide the best-in-class features such as the intelligent IVR, Automatic Call Distribution (ACD), Multi-Channel Interaction Handling, Web Self-Service (Chatbot), CTI Screen Pop-up and many others that contribute towards a smooth experience for your customers as it reduces the Agent Handle Time (AHT) and improve First Call Resolution (FCR).

Inbound Call Center Solutions -

Features That Can Change The Game

Multi-Channel Interaction Support -

Multi-Channel Interaction Handling

An inbound call center solution that empowers you to engage with your customers via their preferred interaction channel. streamlines Twitter, Facebook, Email, SMS, and calls seamlessly into one platform.

IVR Systems -

Intelligent IVR

This feature of the inbound call center software helps you attend to high call volumes with minimum resources. It can recognize & differentiate calls, facilitate the caller experience with ‘expected wait time’ and efficiently solve trivial queries without routing the call to a live agent. Our solution is compliant to PCI-DSS standards to ensure maximum security of all customer data.

Automatic Call Distribution Software -

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)

An inbound call center solution that routes calls to the agent most suited to solve the issue! An inbound call center software that allows uniform load distribution of calls and ensures that each call is routed to the most appropriate available agent.

Meeting & Callback Scheduler -

Meeting & Callback Scheduler

An inbound call center solution that gives you the ability to schedule call backs, public & private meetings and meeting protocols directly from the dashboard. It is easy and seamless as compared to doing it manually which is time consuming and is also a waste of valuable resource.

Call Recording & Monitoring Software -

Call Recording

An inbound call center software that helps you analyze the performance of your team, optimizes call quality and helps you stay in compliance with all industry standards and norms. Monitor and analyze the quality of all your calls effectively with

Spectacular Configuration Manager Software -

A Spectacular Configuration Manager

An inbound call center software that allows business admins & supervisors to create and edit complex routing logic, queueing protocols, agent rights, and much more.

Call Disposition Codes -

Multi-Level Disposition Labelling

A call center software solution that helps your agents label a call after completing a conversation. These labels can include “meeting scheduled”, “sales closed” or “abandoned call”. Create multiple disposition layers for better reporting and deeper insights.

Automatic Web Callback Features -

Web Call Back

Provide immediate assistance! An inbound call center software that initiates an automatic callback to the customers that raise requests on your website.

CTI Pop Ups -

CTI Screen Pop-Ups

An inbound call center software that makes available to agents all the information of a customer before getting involved in a conversation with them. An inbound call center software that gives you access to the customer profile and helps you get valuable insights about their past conversations and preferences in order to provide quick resolution of all queries.

Reporting and Monitoring -

Real-time Monitoring

An inbound call center software that empowers your management with advanced reporting and administrative interface abilities to manage and track campaigns. Also, track valuable metrics and crucial KPIs.

Sticky Agent -

Sticky Agent

Always drive contextual conversations by connecting your customers to the same agent each time they call. A feature that improves the call experience and ensures speedy resolution of all customer queries.

Mobile Agent -

Mobile Agent

An inbound call center software that empowers your agents to work on-the-go. can be installed on your mobile devices and laptops to help your agents deliver uninterrupted service to all your customers.

Customer Satisfaction Rating Features -

Customer Satisfaction Rating gives your customers the option to rate their experience at the end of every interaction with your contact center agents. This rating eventually helps your business determine the ‘Net Promoter Score’ NPS and their willingness to recommend your services or products to others. With our inbound call software, you can easily achieve the target of a highest customer satisfaction rate.

Intelligent Contact Routing -

Intelligent Contact Routing

A contact center solution that intelligently analyzes the nature of a call, and considering the priority of the call, routes it to various destinations such as, an IVR, voice mail, queues, a live agent and more.

Historical Reports & Real-time Dashboard -

Historical Reports & Real-time Dashboard

A call center software solution that helps you monitor your agent’s activities and analyze their performance based on KPIs, campaigns and other valuable metrics with the help of an easy-to-use administration interface and advanced reporting.

Additional Features

  • Virtual PBX -

    Virtual PBX

  • Intuitive Interface Design -

    Intuitive Interface Design

  • First Class Customer Service -

    First Class Customer Service

  • CRM Call Center Software -

    Seamless CRM Integration

  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys -

    Customer Satisfaction Surveys

  • Easy to use Agent Desktop -

    Easy to use Agent Desktop

  • Advanced Automated Dialers -

    Advanced Automated Dialers

  • Automated Greetings & Messages -

    Automated Greetings & Messages

  • WebRTC Based Telephony -

    WebRTC Based Telephony

Inbound Contact Center Services -

Create a Memorable Experience for all Your Customers

With inbound contact center services, ensure that all your customers have a personalized experience with each and every interaction. Empower your agents with a robust inbound call center solution to help them communicate seamlessly with all your customers.

With businesses can effectively expect:

  • Enhanced your FCR (beyond 78%)
  • Increase Agent Productivity (beyond 55%)
  • Reduce Call Transfer Rates (below 32%)
  • Decrease Average handle Time (below 51sec)
  • Improve Net Promoter Score (beyond 24%)

Frequently Asked Questions

Can an inbound call software redirect the same customer to me each time he calls?

Yes, an inbound call software ensures that a customer is redirected to the same agent each time he calls. This results in friendlier conversations and saves the time of an agent in the aspect of getting acquainted with the customer’s queries before handling the call.

On a multi-channel inbound call software, which are the different channels on which I can interact with my customers?

A multi-channel inbound call software helps you interact with your customers through voice, SMS, email, Facebook and Twitter.

How can an inbound call software increase the efficiency with which I can respond to my customers?

An inbound call software has many features such as CTI screen pop-ups, that display the information of a customer whenever they call, an intelligent IVR that routes calls to the agent most skilled to handle the query and multi-channel interaction, that streamlines all the queries of customers on one platform.

What are the latest call routing features in an inbound call software?

An inbound call center software such as has intelligent contact routing, which helps resolve the queries of a customer without routing it to an agent; unless it requires the expertise of that particular agent. This improves the overall agent productivity.

How can help me if I miss a customer’s call?

If an agent is busy, automatically calls the customer as soon as the agent becomes available. This feature is called the web callback feature.

What Our Clients Have To Say

  • Client Story -
    “Ever since deploying Customer Support Solution, our customer engagement and retention rates have constantly been on the rise! From a customer’s perspective, the overall experience has been phenomenal. We look forward to doing many more projects with”
    Mr. Ashish Gopal Saxena
    Chief Technology Officer at UGRO Capital Ltd
  • Client Story -
    “We were looking for a solution that could be seamlessly integrated with our backend softwares. Our business model requires getting clients onboard on the fast track. empowered our agents with a single-screen interface for multiple tasks which subsequently helped us provide a seamless experience for all our customers. is a highly efficient and customer-oriented solution and we recommend it for all contact center requirements.”
    Mr. Suraj Sarda
    Chief Accounts & Finance Officer at Astute Group
  • Client Story -
    “We couldn’t have found a better contact center solution to help us independently handle all the customer queries across all our 12 brands. seamlessly integrated into our existing CRM, making available all the details of the telephony in our CRM itself and providing us with exceptional reporting and monitoring abilities. We have witnessed a tremendous growth in productivity - around 29% - after employing as our contact center solution. I would personally recommend for all businesses that would like to enhance their customer experience..”
    Mr. Mukhtar Ansari
    Associate Vice President - Information Technology & Infrastructure - Rebel Foods
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