Call Center CTI Integration with CRM Software -

Contact Center Integrations For a Superior CX contact center platform seamlessly integrates with various solutions to provide additional features and to create a better experience for your agents as well as your customers.

Seamless CRM Integrations

Salesforce Integration -

Salesforce Integration

See how the magic happens with and Salesforce CTI integration. Transform your CRM experience – increase your agent efficiency and subsequently, your ROI. With the right tweaks made, it makes the best even better. A true multi-channel experience with all the best-in-class abilities.

Zoho CRM Integration

Think you have seen the best? Think again! This award-winning CRM is empowered with far more superior abilities when integrated with our contact center platform. A contact center platform that might turn out to be the missing piece to your Zoho CRM puzzle.

Freshdesk Integration

Today 80% of buyers will pay more for a better customer experience! Customers don’t buy your products but the experience that comes with them. The Freshdesk phone integration with will enable your agents to get all support, sales, and marketing activities under a single screen. The software allows you to move seamlessly from the desktop to the phone with just one click.

Additional CRM Integrations

  • Smart Service Desk -
  • Freshdesk -
  • Zendesk -
  • Microsoft Dynamics -
  • Suite CRM -

Features That Are Made Available

Click-to-Call Functionality -

Click-to-Call Functionality

Your agents are intended to talk to your customers. Free your agents from the hassles of manual dialing and let take care of it! An Advanced Call Center Software that helps reduce the Average Handle Time (AHT) by providing agents the option to make calls by simply clicking the number displayed on their CRM platform.

Multi-Channel Interaction Support -

Single Sign-On

Avoid switching between applications while accessing customer information. An Advanced Call Center Software that ensures that all customer information and other details are easily available in one application.

CTI Pop Ups -

CTI Pop-Ups

An Advanced Call Center Software that increases the First Call Resolution rate (FCR) of your agents by getting all the information of your customers before leading them into a conversation.

Historical Reports & Real-time Dashboard -

Voice Logs and Reports

A contact center platform that empowers you with all important information and analytics required to help you make better marketing decisions. provides voice logs and reports of the conversations with all your customers to help you make smarter marketing moves, and assists you in all compliance purposes. It also acts as quality monitoring tool for supervisors to help improve call quality and boost customer satisfaction.

Pre – Configured Integrations

ArtificiaI Intelligence(AI) + A Contact Center Software

A contact center platform in itself can boost the First Call Resolution (FCR) rate and reduce Agent Handle Time (AHT), but when clubbed with artificial intelligence, the experience is transformed into something futuristic.’s pre-configured Intelligent Chatbot – ‘’, creates an unforgettable personalized experience for all your customers. Automate simple processes and revolutionize customer experience with

A Reliable Assistant for your Agents: will automate all the trivial things that your agents would have to otherwise focus on. Increase agent productivity by allowing to take care of all the repetitive tasks that your agents might usually spend their time on.

A True Companion for your Customers:

Your customers will never be left alone when they have as their companion. Our conversational bot has the best in class features to ensure that your customers get immediate assistance to all their queries and are never left alone; even in the absence of your agents.

An Advanced Call Center Software + A Helpdesk Support System

A helpdesk software that can be the perfect add-on to The best part about a pre-configured helpdesk software is that we can make changes and customize it according to your requirements. We will ensure that you get the best features and customize it according to your requirements. Experience all the features of a CRM integration, and more, with

Mobile App Integration

Fret not, can be easily integrated into your existing mobile application. We have designed to ensure perfect interoperability between your existing mobile application and our software. Empower your mobile application with’s telephony abilities and witness the difference.

Never leave your customers alone:

Do you have to pull out your laptop to have a simple conversation? Or log in to your office system to resolve a trivial issue? An Advanced Call Center Software that will make things easy for you! Give your customers a personalized experience by breaking free from the shackles of being stuck to a system.

Customer details on the go within the system:

When your agents are talking to your customers on-the-go, then it becomes necessary to equip them with all the relevant customer information. A contact center platform that ensures that your agents have all the required customer information so that there is no hindrance in providing a personalized customer experience.

Reporting and recording to track activities of your agents:

Track the activities of your agents remotely with the help of A contact center platform that helps you keep a tab on all the activities of your agents.


An Advanced Call Center Software that ensures the privacy of your customers and your agents by keeping all the information on your customers safe within the system.


An Advanced Call Center Software that intelligently masks the phone numbers and other vital customer information to prevent data leakage, and protect important company data so that it never falls into the wrong hands.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a call center software be integrated into a CRM or Helpdesk software?

Yes, a call center software can be easily integrated into your existing CRM or helpdesk software with the help of API connectors, providing it with calling abilities.

What are the benefits of integrating CRM call center software with the Helpdesk software?

Integrating a call center solution with a helpdesk software will empower it with additional features such as single sign-on, click-to-call functionality, CTI-pop ups and voice logs & reports.

Can we integrate a CRM call center software to an existing mobile application? If so, how can it benefit me?

Yes, a CRM call center software can be easily integrated into your existing mobile application. The mobile application will be empowered with calling abilities with this integration. Your customers will be able to get in touch with you directly through the mobile app, and the security features will ensure complete protection of customer information.

What is the price of a CRM call center software and how much would it cost to do these integrations?

Our pricing model is quite reasonable and competitive. We offer cloud and on-premise models. Kindly get in touch with us and share with us your requirements; we will discuss the pricing with you accordingly.

Is the integration of with Zoho, Salesforce, Freshdesk and other leading CRM and helpdesk software providers, smooth and seamless?

Yes, in fact, has been listed on the website of Zoho corp as one of the contact center solutions that is an excellent telephony partner to Zoho CRM

What Our Clients Have To Say

  • Client Story -
    “Ever since deploying Customer Support Solution, our customer engagement and retention rates have constantly been on the rise! From a customer’s perspective, the overall experience has been phenomenal. We look forward to doing many more projects with”
    Mr. Ashish Gopal Saxena
    Chief Technology Officer at UGRO Capital Ltd
  • Client Story -
    “We were looking for a solution that could be seamlessly integrated with our backend softwares. Our business model requires getting clients onboard on the fast track. empowered our agents with a single-screen interface for multiple tasks which subsequently helped us provide a seamless experience for all our customers. is a highly efficient and customer-oriented solution and we recommend it for all contact center requirements.”
    Mr. Suraj Sarda
    Chief Accounts & Finance Officer at Astute Group
  • Client Story -
    “We couldn’t have found a better contact center solution to help us independently handle all the customer queries across all our 12 brands. seamlessly integrated into our existing CRM, making available all the details of the telephony in our CRM itself and providing us with exceptional reporting and monitoring abilities. We have witnessed a tremendous growth in productivity - around 29% - after employing as our contact center solution. I would personally recommend for all businesses that would like to enhance their customer experience..”
    Mr. Mukhtar Ansari
    Associate Vice President - Information Technology & Infrastructure - Rebel Foods
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