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Amazing Performance = Outstanding Results

This is no secret – Building a business requires generating quality leads.

A good outbound call center solution liberates your agents from tedious and repetitive tasks to help them focus on the thing that matters the most – talking to customers.
Intalk.io maximizes your ROI by proliferating your team’s marketing efforts and automating simple processes so that you get more bang for your buck.

Outbound Call Center Solution - Intalk.io

Features That Can Change The Game

WebRTC Based Telephony - Intalk.io

WebRTC Based Telephony

An outbound call center software that avoids the complications of installing a separate softphone on your system. Access all telephony functions using any WebRTC compatible web browser.

Automated Dialer – Outbound Call Center Software - Intalk.io

Advanced Automated Dialers

An outbound call center solution that ensures user efficiency is maximized by eliminating manual dialing, making multiple calls at one time and reaching out to maximum leads in minimum time. Intalk.io provides you with several automated dialers such as progressive/power, preview, and predictive dialers.

Call Management Software - Intalk.io

Call Management

An outbound call center software that helps you modify and execute complex call management protocols. An outbound call center solution that helps you access numerous sub-features such as auto-prioritizing agent campaign, Blind transfer, Call forwarding, Caller ID, campaign priority & much more.

Data Security Features- Intalk.io

Security at its Best!

An outbound call center solution that ensures that your customers’ card payment data and other confidential data is always secure. Intalk.io is strictly compliant to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) and other industry norms to always keep customer information safe within your system.

Call Disposition Codes - Intalk.io

Call Disposition Codes

An outbound call center solution that helps you get the relevant information of the outcome of a call, after the end of each conversation. Get informed insights and a deeper understanding of the end results of every interaction. These codes can further act as a trigger for other automated processes within the system.

Automated Broadcast – Outbound Call Center Software - Intalk.io

Automated Broadcast

An outbound call center solution that helps capture the immediate attention of your audience by sending pre-recorded messages and voice recordings to numerous recipients at once. Reach out to a larger customer base, promote brand awareness and drive your sales to the next level!

Automated Greetings & Messages Features - Intalk.io

Automated Greetings & Messages

An outbound call center software that allows you to record custom greetings and messages to help your customers get a more personalized experience.

Time Zones & DNC List Management Software - Intalk.io

Time Zones & DNC List Management

An outbound dialer that automatically adjusts the execution of an outbound campaign based on the time-zone of an area. Also, improve the operational efficiency of the outbound campaign by avoiding numbers in the DNC list.

CTI Pop Ups - Intalk.io

CTI Screen Pop-ups

An outbound dialer that displays a pop-up containing detailed information about your customers, right before the call, to help your agents have more relevant and engaging conversations. This feature also allows your agents to manage and edit customer information during a call, in order to resolve their future queries more efficiently.

Dynamic Campaign Management – Outbound Call Center Software - Intalk.io

Dynamic Campaign Management

An outbound dialer that helps you manage and execute multiple outbound campaigns at the same time. Get real-time information on all ongoing campaigns and modify all operations to achieve maximum results.

Reporting and Monitoring - Intalk.io

Real-time Performance Monitoring & Management

Analyze the performance of your agents on a real-time basis and identify the factors that hold them back. An outbound dialer that provides best-in-class features to help monitor performance, optimize quality and improve resolution time significantly.

Additional Features

  • Configuration Manager - Intalk.io

    Configuration Manager

  • Internal Chat Client - Intalk.io

    Internal Chat Client

  • Seamless CRM Integration Software - Intalk.io

    CRM Integration

  • Unified Dashboard Features - Intalk.io

    Unified Dashboard

  • Voicemail To Mail Features - Intalk.io

    Voicemail To Mail

  • Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) Software - Intalk.io

    Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)

  • Advanced IVR System for Call Center - Intalk.io

    Advanced IVR

Outbound Call Center Solution Software - Intalk.io

An Outbound Call Center Solution That Amplifies All Your Sales Efforts

Turn all your agents into sales superstars.

A call center solution that will prove to be the secret weapon to driving your sales through the roof and giving your agents that invincible feeling. An outbound call center solution that will provide you with results that you will be able to tangibly measure.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can my ROI increase with a predictive dialer software?

A predictive dialer software initiates automatic calls to your customers without the need to dial it manually. It detects and skips busy signals, numbers in the DNC list and calls heading to the answering machine and further connects an agent directly to the customer. This helps improve agent efficiency and consequently the overall ROI.

How can an outbound call center software help me improve my marketing and promotional campaigns?

An outbound call center software such as Intalk.io provides features such as automated broadcast that sends mass pre-recorded messages and voice notifications. This helps you reach out to a large crowd and promote your products efficiently.

Can I set up automatic call campaigns with an outbound call center software?

Yes, you can schedule call campaigns with an outbound call center software, by adding all the data to the system and setting the time at which you wish to run it. The calls will be automatically assigned to the available agents.

Can I run multiple outbound call campaigns from an outbound call center software?

Yes, intalk.io allows you to run multiple call campaigns at the same time. A supervisor can assign an agent to a campaign according to the requirements of the campaign.

What Our Clients Have To Say

  • Client Story - Intalk.io
    “Ever since deploying Intalk.io Customer Support Solution, our customer engagement and retention rates have constantly been on the rise! From a customer’s perspective, the overall experience has been phenomenal. We look forward to doing many more projects with Intalk.io.”
    Mr. Ashish Gopal Saxena
    Chief Technology Officer at UGRO Capital Ltd
  • Client Story - Intalk.io
    “We were looking for a solution that could be seamlessly integrated with our backend softwares. Our business model requires getting clients onboard on the fast track. Intalk.io empowered our agents with a single-screen interface for multiple tasks which subsequently helped us provide a seamless experience for all our customers. Intalk.io is a highly efficient and customer-oriented solution and we recommend it for all contact center requirements.”
    Mr. Suraj Sarda
    Chief Accounts & Finance Officer at Astute Group
  • Client Story - Intalk.io
    “We couldn’t have found a better contact center solution to help us independently handle all the customer queries across all our 12 brands. Intalk.io seamlessly integrated into our existing CRM, making available all the details of the telephony in our CRM itself and providing us with exceptional reporting and monitoring abilities. We have witnessed a tremendous growth in productivity - around 29% - after employing Intalk.io as our contact center solution. I would personally recommend Intalk.io for all businesses that would like to enhance their customer experience..”
    Mr. Mukhtar Ansari
    Associate Vice President - Information Technology & Infrastructure - Rebel Foods
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