About Salesforce:

Salesforce.com, Inc. is an American cloud-based software company headquartered in San Francisco, California. Salesforce CRMs are one of the best selling and most sought after products in the customer experience domain. It is adopted by more than 150,000 organizations with more than 2.5 million users completely satisfied with the services that it provides. Salesforce was ranked first in Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For in 2018 and second in 2019.

Salesforce Integration – A Call Center Integration with Intalk.io:

Salesforce Call Center - Intalk.io

So you have been using the Salesforce CRM for some time now and it smoothly fits all your business requirements. But there’s something missing and you can feel it. Salesforce CRM is one of the best CRMs in the market today with millions of satisfied users yet there is a certain aspect of all CRMs that requires a remedy. CRMs lack the most coveted ‘calling feature’, something that can prove to be crucial as your business grows and the number of inquiries that you get per day increases. This can be quickly resolved with the help of a call center integration. When a call center solution is integrated into a CRM, the CRM is empowered with calling abilities, enabling the user to make calls directly from the CRM. Intalk.io is the remedy to this deficiency of Salesforce! Intalk.io is a solution that is custom-made to seamlessly integrate with Salesforce and give it superior calling qualities, all the while maintaining its effortless and smooth user experience.

Salesforce Integration – Single Sign-On:

You might be wondering, I already have spent a lot of time training my team about the ins and outs of Salesforce, now I have to put them through another training process teaching them all the features and the intricacies of intalk.io? Well, that wouldn’t be the case! How so? Once intalk.io is integrated into Salesforce, you do not need to dabble with a lot of Intalk.io. After the integration, Salesforce will have all the features of intalk.io embedded within its user interface. These features will help your agents save a lot of time. The single sign-on feature will allow your agents to sign in to intalk.io through the user interface of Salesforce. An agent wouldn’t need to log into both the applications in order to access calling functionalities. Once he logs into Salesforce, he is able to make and receive calls without any hindrance.

Salesforce Integration – Click-to-Call Functionality:

Salesforce CTI Integration - Intalk.io

Click-to-call functionality simplifies the calling process of a CRM by making a phone number clickable. This means that after the integration, the contact numbers in your Salesforce CRM interface will become clickable and a user will be able to place calls by directly clicking the numbers that are displayed. The user will not have to manually place calls or have to log in to the intalk.io user interface to make or receive calls. The feature helps to reduce the number of errors that are made by the user while he dials the numbers to make calls to the customers. This also contributes to the overall productivity of the agents.

Salesforce Integration – CTI-Pop ups:

Call Center Integration with Salesforce - Intalk.io

Calling can be a very important method to connect with your customers. The most meaningful conversations happen while you are talking and it is usually easier to understand a customer’s disposition while you talk to them one-on-one. This conversation can be further enhanced when you properly know your customer and are acquainted with their past conversations and habits. CTI pop-up is a feature that helps you gain a quick insight of your customer’s information before you start a conversation with them. Intalk.io empowers the Salesforce CRM experience by displaying all the information of a customer to an agent when a call arrives. A pop-up displaying all the history of the customer and insights on the preferences is quickly displayed when a call arrives.

Salesforce Integration – Voice Logs and Reports:

The better you know your agents, the easier it gets to manage the operations of your organization. When you know where your agents are failing and where they are exceeding your expectations, you can train your agents and improvise the strategy of your campaigns accordingly. Intalk.io provides voice logs and reports within the Salesforce CRM interface so that managers can make informed decisions regarding the everyday operations of their organization.

A call center solution is designed to reduce complications and add more features to a CRM which is further aimed to eventually result in an increase in productivity. The compatibility of a CRM with a call center solution is extremely important when you set out to choose the right call center solution. Without the proper blend of the call center solution and the CRM, it becomes quite difficult for agents to get used to the new entity. If you choose the wrong call center solution, it can add to the inconvenience and complications of the existing CRM processes. Intalk.io is a call center solution that is designed to seamlessly attune with the Salesforce CRM interface. It will ensure that your Salesforce experience is not compromised in any manner, while adding new extensions which would make things more easier and sophisticated.