Freshdesk is a ticketing software that prioritizes, categorizes and assigns tickets. It uses the combined power of Artificial intelligence (AI) and ticketing to provide the best customer experience. 

Freshdesk works in a way where all customer issues across all channels are gathered into one place. In this way, none of the customer issues is lost, they are all in one place which makes it easier to help the customer.

With AI-powered ticketing, the issues are categorized and assigned ahead to the customer service executive. It provides an answer (solution) for the executive to pick that would best solve the customer issue. This also prevents the reopening of tickets once the customer is satisfied with the solution provided and responds back with a thank you.

Features of Freshdesk that are customer-oriented

  1. Custom Ticket Status
  2. Ticket Field Suggester
  3. SLA Management
  4. Linked Tickets
  5. Agent Collision Detection

Features of Freshdesk for employee-oriented

  1. Scheduling Dashboard
  2. Intelligent ticket assignment
  3. Event-triggered automation
  4. Time-triggered automation
  5. Automatic email notification

Freshdesk Integration with for Calling

Freshdesk is a ticketing software, a virtual assistant to solve customer issues online. With the integration of Freshdesk and, agents have the ability to place a call to the customer. is constantly working to enhance the agent experience. Thus integration with the Freshdesk platform gives you the ability to make calls within Freshdesk itself.  

The customer executive need not leave the Freshdesk interface and log in to another application or platforms. With just a simple click, the agent and customer can speak easily over a call.

With Freshdesk and integration, you can now connect your existing customer database to start building your customer journey right in an easier way. The in-app calling will help you build better customer service. It allows customer service agents to interact with customers directly in their browser (or by calling them).

It helps reduce the Average Handle Time (AHT) by providing agents with the option to make calls by simply clicking the number displayed on their CRM platform. This makes it much easier for customers to get support from you 24×7. has in-built reports and recording functionality. Thus, as a customer service manager; you can monitor the agent performance in real-time, take operational critical decisions and maintain service quality. is on a mission to improve the CX space. We want customer service executives to be able to solve customer queries to the best of their abilities and the solutions at their hand. We are making great efforts to keep it as seamless as possible.

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