How AI can improve the contact centre business

Contact centres are at the core of many businesses as they help maintain good relationships with customers. But traditional contact centres are heavily dependent on human effort which leads to many process inefficiencies. AI in contact centre can solve many of these problems. It also helps increase productivity and ultimately leads to growth for your business. AI technology like the NLP in Chatbots can help elevate your customer experience.

Let us talk about how you can use AI in a call centre

AI can be used to increase self-service and solve routine inquiries. This will help in reducing costs for your company. You can use AI in services like Chatbot, Emailbot where the machine can understand customer inputs and respond back with the best possible solution. The AI engine will resolve the issue if it is simple; and if the issue is complicated, it will connect the customer to an agent who can then take over the conversation. AI can help in automating a lot of tasks and  will provide precise information to your customers without any human interaction. 

What are some of the use-cases of AI in contact centres

1) Forecasting the customer queries

Contact centres have forecasting systems that allow for better planning. But, these tools cannot accurately forecast the kind of customer queries and volumes. This leads to costly mistakes and inefficient staffing thus leading to overpay and management inefficiencies. It could also lead to poor customer experience because the contact center could be understaffed to handle the volumes. An AI engine can predict and forecast interaction volumes more accurately through advanced machine learning models thus improving the forecast rates and improved accuracy.

2) Agent turnover rates

Contact centres experience high turnover due to innate discomforting factors. A problematic cycle exists in this industry where customer support agents are not excited about answering the same questions repeatedly all day, leading to high turnover rates and low quality. It also points out that the agents aren’t always familiar with the policies and procedures of the company.

3) Effect on customer experience

Customer service agents struggle with repetitive tasks. Poor attention to detail and quality of work due to agents multitasking can lead to customer dissatisfaction. This can lead to subpar work and a poor customer experience.

AI in a contact centre can help the customer service department and the more information fed to the AI engine, the better it performs. AI in a contact centre will work better when issues are reported through text or chat.

Let us look at the top seven benefits of AI in a virtual call centre software

1) It solves problems quickly. 

AI helps in solving customers’ issues quickly and efficiently. Human agents can solve customer queries, but AI minimises the time required to solve problems.

2) Time-saving for both the customers and your employees

As AI automates a lot of processes, it ultimately ends up saving time. Your customer can get their issues and queries solved quickly, and your employees would also be able to provide faster solutions to complex problems. 

3) Learns your preferences

It learns your preferences and provides apt responses. This will also lead to increased productivity as the AI engine understands customer preferences, learns and replies with the most suitable responses. 

4) Email Automation and Responses

AI can help classify emails by scanning the email content and allocating it under a specific category. It can also help auto-reply to emails thus keeping the customer informed. These auto-actions using email automation improve process efficiency of the teams and help save time. 

5) Faster response time for routine issues

Redundancy often causes fatigue in employees. Solving the same issue for different customers can be tiring. AI can solve such common problems quickly. 

6) Cuts down on no-shows
AI in the contact centre automates SMS alerts and helps in skimming through no-shows to draw attention to the important stuff only.

7) Costs less than employees

Using AI, companies can respond to customer service inquiries from customers without human intervention and save money on salaries paid to employees. These issues can be solved efficiently by AI, and such systems once deployed and trained can be run with minimal maintenance fees. 

Key takeaways

AI is already playing an indispensable role in contact centers by streamlining fundamental customer service tasks. Ultimately, AI will fuel the next evolution of contact center optimization, helping enterprises drive customer experience and business outcomes. AI, in particular, is adding a new element to customer service solutions by making customers feel more comfortable talking to a machine. 

AI in a contact centre is highly recommended as it helps make your business more efficient, cuts costs, understands customer preferences and improves the customer care experience of your business. 

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