Zoho CRM Leads

Let’s face it, customer experience sells. Improving the customer experience of your organization is one of the key factors to enhancing its overall growth and setting you apart from your rivals. The main focus of most businesses nowadays is providing a personalized customer experience, and most of them are going at great lengths to achieve this. A CRM platform can be the answer to providing that kind of exceptional service to your customers, the one that sets you apart from your competition. A CRM platform provides valuable insights and metrics, which can eventually help you strengthen your relationship with your customers and reward you with that ‘customer loyalty’ most businesses covet. A CRM platform in itself is very beneficial, but when equipped with the right call center solution, it can change the game for you. With proper telephony abilities, your agents will be able to give that frictionless support most customers truly look forward to.

Zoho CRM Platform:

Founded in 1996, Zoho Corporation is one of the leading businesses in the CX arena. Zoho CRM solution is competing with the best Customer Relationship management solution providers in the world. It is trusted by more than 45 million users worldwide and is showing no signs of stopping! Intalk.io is a Call Center solution that is tailor-made for the Zoho CRM interface. Intalk.io seamlessly integrates with Zoho Platform to empower your agents with Telephony abilities and equips your agents/users with all call related information right into the Zoho CRM interface.

Zoho integration – Single Sign-On:

When all the information about calling is available right into your CRM interface, then logging into both the CRM interface and the call center solution can turn out to be quite tedious. One will have to remember multiple login IDs, passwords and spend a considerable amount of time to log in to both the interfaces. This can hamper the productivity of your agents and can turn out to be quite a task to follow on an everyday basis. Hence, Zoho CRM integration with Intalk.io makes available the single sign-on functionality, a feature that ensures that once you log in to your Zoho CRM interface, all the information of InTalk.io is made available right there. This saves a significant amount of time, and your agents can focus on the more important tasks at hand.

Zoho integration – Easy Access To Customer Information:

Having pertinent information of your client before contacting them can help you get a better context of all your previous conversations. There might be a certain concern that they had previously raised, and maybe they are simply getting back to you for a follow-up. Zoho integration with Intalk.io makes available all the records of telephony right into the CRM interface. Whenever an agent is receiving an inbound call, an automatic pop-up of all the customer information will appear on the screen. Thus, Zoho integration with Intalk.io will help you gain deeper insights on the customer and consequently, will help you have a much smoother experience as you further try to converse with them.

Zoho integration – Calling is simply one click away:

Auto dialer

The more effortless your processes are, the more efficient your agents will get; the more will your customer satisfaction rate soar. Zoho CRM integration with Intalk.io, equips an agent with the click to call functionality, a feature that empowers your agents to make calls with much relative ease. Zoho integration makes available a clickable option on any phone number that displays on the CRM interface and the agents will be able to make direct calls right through the Zoho CRM platform. The amount of time taken to make calls will decrease and the experience of the agents will be effortless.

This also reduces human error that can occur when a number is dialed manually. Zoho CRM integration with Intalk.io ensures that all calls that are made, take minimal time and also are error-free. Zoho integration also equips your agents with features such as call recording, call disposition and call routing which tend to alleviate the difficulties of your agent’s everyday operations.

Zoho integration – Call Reports & Voice Logs:

Auto dialer

The decision-making abilities of your management will depend on their awareness of the performance of your agents. Call reports and voice logs are essential in understanding where the strengths and weaknesses of your support agents lie. Thus, Zoho CRM integration with Intalk.io makes available call reports and voice logs, which helps a manager to monitor and analyze the time that an agent takes to complete a call, the time of the call, the phone number of the customer, the customer satisfaction rating and other insights which can help them make informed decisions. Voice logs can be easily accessed when Intalk.io & Zoho CRM integration is established. A link of the voice log is made available in Zoho CRM interface and once you click this link, the voice log can be accessed and reviewed on Intalk.io.

A call center solution can be the perfect add-on to your existing CRM platform. Features such as CTI pop-ups, click to call, call reports and voice logs can significantly add to the efficiency of your agents and result in a surge in productivity. The absence of these features can affect your ability to provide good customer experience and eventually reduce customer satisfaction.

There may be many call center solutions available in the market today, but intalk.io has been customized to support Zoho CRM in the best possible manner. Intalk.io is a call Center solution that is equipped with enterprise-grade Communication abilities and is available on hybrid, on-premise, and cloud-based models. Zoho CRM integration with Intalk.io has made available many additional features on the CRM platform and in turn, has increased its efficiency. To summarize, Zoho CRM platform is one of the best CRM platforms available in the market today and Intalk.io can be considered one of the best choices to support Zoho CRM as a telephony partner.