Many business owners perceive setting up a call center as daunting and tend to hire third-party companies to handle customer care. However, it is possible to set up and manage on your own! With cloud technology, you can set up the contact center yourself. You don’t need to run wires in the office or hire an expert. These days, there’s a huge variety of call center solutions that are as diverse as their versions. But not all contact center solutions work for every business, and in particular, not every startup knows what they should look out for when choosing a contact center solution. 

But first,

What is a cloud contact center?

A cloud contact center is a phone & multimedia service that is hosted off-premise in a cloud. In a cloud contact center technology, the business doesn’t need to host any server hardware, telephone lines or email server. Agents can make, receive calls and other digital interactions through their computer via an internet connection. All calls traffic gets transmitted via VOIP between business and cloud server. The use of cloud contact centers implies managing each aspect of your customer service, including the phone systems, agents, calls, emails, social media and recordings. 

Cloud contact center solutions are flexible and can enhance your startup’s agility

Cloud contact center solutions have many benefits over on-premise solutions. They are perfect when you have just started and cannot predict the call, email, social media volumes. The advantages of using a cloud contact center are many when compared with traditional solutions and include:

  • They cut out the complexities so that you can focus on your core business.
  • You do not have to pay a hefty upfront setup cost and thus reduce your capex
  • You can pay monthly subscription fees and shorten your cash cycle to run faster
  • You can scale the ports and agent seats as you grow. Stay flexible as business needs change
  • Pay for just the people, services, and features your business requires daily
  • Focus on running your business, not your communications
  • Harness technology to create a virtual call center on a global scale Cloud Contact Center Solution comes with cloud contact center capability. Our cloud contact center solution offers many features and functionalities best suited for startups, SMEs and scalable enough for large enterprises.

  • Omnichannel Platform i.e. single agent can take multiple interactions across voice, email, social media and chat 
  • Integrated Helpdesk features to track, prioritize and resolve customer complaints
  • Faster Deployment 
  • 24×7 Support
  • Free Upgrades
  • Interoperability between systems
  • Easy-to-configure business rules 


Things To Know Before Choosing A Cloud Contact Center Setup:

  • Know Your Expected Daily, Weekly & Monthly volumes of calls, email and social media interactions
  • Evaluate your business process and understand if you can adopt a self-service IVR or Chatbot to automate interaction responses
  • Check if your existing infrastructure (computers and network) can handle the volumes
  • Visit TRAI, OSP guidelines and complete the necessary registration formalities to run a call center setup
  • Design the customer experience journey across each channel to plan the features you may need to run the cloud call center setup


Takeaway: Cloud contact center solution can help small businesses improve the efficiency and operating costs necessary to grow profitably. Get in touch with our solution team to help you design & setup a cloud contact center.