With the nation moving into a weekend lockdown, many offices are again shifting base to making employees work from home. With the pandemic accelerating again and uncertainties all around, employees are facing stress in some kind of way. At this juncture, it is essential for every organization to keep its employees motivated through this phase and push them to work further.

Here are tips to keep your call center agents motivated while they work from home:

1. Have an Open Platform Communication

Keep open communication with your employees. Keep them updated with any advances within or outside the organization that could directly impact their work. Connect with your employees at least once a week to talk about anything outside of work.

2. Create a Stress-Free Environment

Allow your employees to work from home and eliminate any kind of work stress that can be avoided at the organizational level.

3. Allow Flexible Working Rosters

Allow your employees to have flexible working rosters, especially for those with difficult domestic environments or those who have children homeschooling commitments. Take feedback and talk to your agents in advance about their preferences

4. Provisions for Work From Home Essentials

Talk to your employees to understand their difficulties of working from home and provide essential equipment to help them work efficiently. For example, contact center agents require appropriate headsets with a good microphone.

5. Provide Training

Provide comprehensive training and refresher courses to agents while working from home. The agents should be aware of the process and tackle the reoccurring difficulties that come their way. Provide a script to new hires to tackle calls with ease.

6. Increase Productivity with Unified Agent Screen

Whether your process caters to calls, emails, social media interactions or all of them; enable a unified agent screen. Agents should be able to manage all interactions through a single UI including CRM; thus saving their time in navigating through multiple screens and staying contextual.

7. Automate Routine Customer Inquiries

Re-evaluate your customer service journeys and automate frequently asked questions and service requests through IVR, Chatbot or Knowledgebase. Let agents handle complex queries and requests thus focussing upon enhanced customer satisfaction.

8. Agent Performance Tracking

Tracking agent performance is important when work is shifting to home. Tracking will allow the agents to complete their tasks as per schedule. You can analyse their break times as well.

9. Real-Time Reporting

Analyse your agents’ performance with real-time reporting with a clear dashboard. Intalk.io provides an all-in-one dashboard to monitor every minute and get all information under one platform. This will also allow team leaders to keep track of productive agents.

10. Reward  System

The real-time reporting feature will allow the management team to exactly point out which agent has been the best performer. To keep your agents motivated, have a reward system in place to highlight agent performances that are excelling. This will motivate the highlighted call center agent to keep achieving goals and will also help other agents to strive and be highlighted in the coming months.

How can you leverage intalk.io?

intalk.io is an omnichannel customer interaction platform pre-designed for hybrid and remote contact center setup that will help you empower your workforce. intalk.io unifies all business communication channels viz.– voice, email, SMS, webchat and social media within a centrally managed customer experience management platform.

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