Call centre dialer software is a program that connects you to your potential customers through voice calls. It automates the process of outbound voice calling.

Tons of businesses use dialer software to scale up their sales, renewal and collection efforts. The dialer software makes it easier for them to make more calls because they can schedule calls in advance, use a dialer algorithm to make decisions on dialling instead of doing it manually. This improves the calling efficiency, agent performance and conversion rates.

Today, we’re going to look at what an outbound dialer is, how it has evolved and what features are critical for businesses. Let’s get started!

Why is outbound call centre dialer software important?

A dialer or auto dialer is an important feature that is used for telemarketing, sales, renewal and collection calls. The dialer helps you to connect with leads or customers on scale i.e. the dialer auto-dials the numbers on the agent’s behalf. The outbound dialer achieves this by using an algorithm and dial customer numbers automatically. If the customer picks the call only then does the dialer connect the call to an agent. If the dialer dials and the customer number is busy or not reachable then such calls are not transferred to agents. This saves agent’s time in manually dialling calls and increases productivity. Outbound dialling is very helpful in use-cases such as credit card collections, lead generation calling to a large set of databases, automating renewal calls to customers in the insurance industry and so forth. has in-built autodialer functionality and it can be deployed on-premise or used as a cloud-based service.

What are the advantages of call centre dialer software?

1. Increases sales: Increase your lead connect ratio by allowing more outbound calls to connect with agents. This way, your agents will spend less time chasing leads around and more time closing deals!

2. Reduces expenses: Dialer software enables you to hire fewer employees by distributing outbound calls across multiple agents. This allows you to increase the number of customers each agent can serve at once.

3. Automation: Autodialer can also be programmed to call and speak pre-recorded voices. This is very useful in cases such as overdue payments, reminding customers of their renewals, etc. If programmed correctly and integrated with enterprise CRM, it can save a lot of human effort.

4. Manage client data effectively: When an autodialer is integrated with your client CRM / collections system, you are able to churn data in real-time and instantly update the systems. This also helps administrators to remove unproductive data and asissist agents in managing follow-ups more effectively.

5. Increased efficiency: The advantages of using this type of outbound call canter dialer software includes increased efficiency in calling prospective customers, increased productivity and the elimination of unproductive tasks such as making lists of phone numbers and taking notes during conversations.

Features on as a call centre dialer software:

1. Dynamic campaign modes: Apart from the regular predictive, manual and preview dialling modes; the outbound dialer can run on dynamic campaign mode. In this mode, the dialer decides the outbound algorithm basis calling database, agent availability, performance and more. The outbound dialling algorithm switches between predictive, manual, progressive or preview mode to maintain optimum efficiency in calling operations.

2. Time Zones & DNC List Management: For contact centres, time zones are a critical functionality as they run multiple campaigns across clients and processes. A time zone based system allows to schedule outbound campaigns across countries and adheres to compliance. DNC is another important feature in which enables you to scrub the campaign recordings against a Do Not Calling list.

3. CTI Screen Pop-ups: This feature helps in personalisation. When an outbound call connects with a customer, the agent sees all details related to the customer like his name, address, profile thus enabling the agent to have a contextual conversation with the customer.

4. Real-time Performance and Monitoring: Analyse the performance of your agents on a real-time basis and identify the factors that hold them back. outbound dialer software provides best-in-class features to help monitor performance, optimise quality and improve conversion times significantly.

5. Call Recording: All outbound calls are recorded 100% on and can be evaluated later with advanced quality monitoring capabilities. 


Whatever kind of business you are running, your success greatly depends on the way you interact with your clients or customers. Hence, using an outbound call center dialer software like is one of the best ways for you to connect with your customers on the scale. outbound dialer is available in both cloud and self-hosted options, so you have options to fit your needs. 

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