Building brand loyalty depends on guaranteeing that your customers return to your service. Loyal customers get close to you, and they are more likely to become voluntary ambassadors of your brand in their community.

This Next in Personalization 2021 Report shows that if a brand fails to deliver a personalised experience, 45% of consumers will likely take their business elsewhere. Companies that excel in delivering closeness to customers create faster revenue growth than their peers. In today’s digital world, many businesses are competing against each other to win the same customers. In order to succeed, you must ensure that your brand stands out from your competitors. That is where personalised customer service matters.

Personalisation and customer experience

The definition of customer experience is relatively simple: the overall experience a customer has with your brand, from initial contact through purchase. It encompasses the full customer lifecycle and all touchpoints — including your website, app, ads and more — wherever you engage with your customers.

Customer experience is essential to brand loyalty because it can turn a one-time buyer into a repeat customer. In fact, according to research from Gartner, 89% of companies expect to compete primarily on the basis of CX by 2020.

A personalised customer experience is one that caters to the individual, which gives them a sense of satisfaction and builds trust. The more personalised the experience, the greater their chance of becoming repeat customers. To increase sales, you need to build brand loyalty. Hence, the bottom line is that personalization enhances customer experience, satisfaction, and loyalty.

The good news is that it’s never too late for brands to start thinking about improving their CX strategy to improve customer experience and brand loyalty.

Importance of brand loyalty

Brand loyalty results from brand functionality and emotional connection. Consumers who remain loyal to the brand will continue to do more business with your brand. These customers are more likely to speak positively about the brand and encourage others to try its products.

Creating a personalised customer experience

To improve brand loyalty, connect with your customers regularly and build a relationship that offers value. Let them feel cared for. “Personalization” is one of the most-used buzzwords in the market today. There’s a reason for that: when done well, personalizing the customer experience can significantly increase your bottom line. Personalization is essential to create a positive customer experience.

Accenture estimates there could be a $2.95 trillion reward for companies integrating smart digital strategies to personalize customer experiences. For this, call centres need to bank on digital strategies such as informing customers about their account-based patterns and making active suggestions and tailored recommendations. This is made possible by CRM integration into your call center software.

How to enhance brand loyalty for your customer

By deploying strategic solutions, you can personalize the customer experience. Some of the indicators include:

  • Design advanced bots – Conversational voice bots go one step further than waiting for a customer call. Automated virtual agents personalize conversations based on past interactions and gather customer intent using Artificial Intelligence (AI) predictive routines.
  • Improve self-service – Natural Language Processing (NLP)and predictive AI can make each self-service interaction feel personal.
  • Scheduled Call backOutbound call center software offers to schedule callbacks at convenient times, resulting in customer comfort. 
  • CX analytics – Utilizing analytics helps call center teams to categorize their interactions by volume, purpose, and needs. This helps prioritize virtual call center software and sets the agent’s focus.

The future of brand loyalty with

  1. Get personal with every customer

A contact center agent receives many calls during the day, sometimes from the same customer as well. The reporting and analytics allow them to understand which customers are driving interactions, what their intents are and how to better engage them. This helps the agents to listen more carefully, align around consumer preferences, eliminate pain points in the journey and get personal with the customer. Having cloud call center solution software can be the key. 

  1. Make it easy and convenient for customers to connect across all channels

You can improve and achieve brand loyalty by being present for your customer.   Cloud is the future and the key. provides the right infrastructure for call centers with necessary physical and virtual resources, integrated voice response units, CTI (computer-telephony integration) and queue management. can be set up on-premise or on the cloud to integrate digital capabilities to prepare for the future to survive in the digital world.

  1. Automation can help you retain customers

Automation allows all customer queries to be answered with zero delays, 24/7. It is a step towards personalized customer self-service. This is possible in the below ways.

  • Intuitive chatbots:

Chatbots can be integrated to CRM or enterprises system to identify the customer and provide contextual responses based on previous interactions. AI-assisted chatbots can personalize conversations with customers and thus improve the experience and increase retention.

  • IVR systems:

The best IVR service provider system allows customers to obtain information on their own before being connected with an agent. IVRs can also act as automated receptionists, routing callers to employees based on available agents, their call priority, and the information they need. And IVR when integrated with core enterprise systems can help deliver a personalized experience for customers.


One of the best ways to improve brand loyalty is by offering a personalised customer experience (CX). By using data and consumer insights, you can segment your audience into smaller groups and create unique experiences that meet the needs of these groups.

This level of personalization will make it easier for you to communicate with your customers in a meaningful way and improve their experience with your brand. It also makes it more likely that your customers will do business with your company again in the future.
All your customers are unique, so why should they all have the same experience with your brand? If you want to have an omnichannel customer engagement for your business, book your free demo here: