Customer service has come a long way from where it was. With the advent of new technologies, companies are adopting new methods to enhance customer experience and stay ahead of the curve. Call center software has been one of these breakthrough technologies which has evolved customer service to the next level. Call center software has given organizations the ability to handle multiple calls effectively without allowing the surplus activity to affect the customer experience. The coordination and collaboration of employees have significantly increased due to advanced call routing and options that allow managers to delegate work effectively. This was going all well and good until customer experience started further evolving. Businesses now consider customer experience to be one of the single most factors that differentiate their business from another. The focus now is not just picking up the call and answering it, many other factors have come to play.

A CRM call center software consists of all the features that help improve the customer experience of an organization.

Telephony Integration:

A CRM call center software does more than just help a manager to assign calls, it helps the manager to track the activity of his agents; showing how many calls an agent makes in a day, how many calls have turned into a lead or a sale & how much business the agent brought to the company. These stats help a manager to better manage his team by rewarding the high performers and training the poor performers of the organization. The Freshdesk Phone Integration with empowers agents to call throught the Freshdesk CRM.

Customer Details:

Getting in conversation with a customer without knowing the history and preferences of the customer will not have the same effect that one would have with having the appropriate information. Having proper information and details about a customer’s past purchases and an overview of the previous conversations can act as an added advantage as you try to close a deal or resolve a query that has been pending for a long time.

A call center software gives you limited information about a customer. A CRM call center software, on the other hand, will provide you with the entire history of the customer as you get in a conversation with them.

Multi-Channel Integration:

A CRM call center software helps you manage all channels of communication through one platform. An agent does not have to check his email, social media, SMS, calls and webchat separately. All the information about the customer is made available on one platform. A detailed history of all the conversations with the customers is reflected in the CRM call center software. This helps improve the productivity of the agents and gives them the flexibility to work on different things in the meanwhile.

Detailed Customer History:

Historical data can help the management make strategic decisions which can lead to A CRM call center software provides real-time data such as average call time, average wait time and other factors that help a supervisor make data-driven decisions for the organization.
A CRM call center software can help track the performance of all the agents with historical information such as the number of calls made per day, the demography where the sales are highest, number of deals closed by the agent in a day, etc.

Third-Party Integrations:

While running a business you could have to use many tools to increase the productivity of your employees. Using all these tools in a disconnected fashion could mean switching between software from time-to-time, and this could hamper productivity and disrupt the thought process of your employees. Integrating all these tools into a unified solution can improve the user experience and save a lot of time. A CRM call center software allows you to integrate many tools such as chatbots, social media tools, and other customer tools.

Today, the way a customer feels about your service can be the deciding point of whether he wants to continue with your services or not. Customer experience is one of the major factors that customers consider before picking a business and sticking with it. A relationship with the customer that improves brand loyalty. A CRM call center software can help you build that bond with your customer and make your relationship last long.