Importance of Personalised CX in Fintech

Fintech is a dynamic industry. It is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the world, with a high rate of innovation and technological change. This means that consumers are experiencing an increasingly bespoke customer experience in their interaction with fintech companies.

The importance of personalised CX in Fintech (and other industries) is evident from the fact that most organisations use personalisation to differentiate themselves from their competitors.

Personalised CX gives customers a sense of ownership, which improves retention rates and encourages them to engage more and spend more money. It also helps businesses improve their sales journeys by providing customers with relevant information at every step.

In this blog, we will find out  4 ways to personalise customer experience in  fintech to deliver a tailored experience that is relevant for each individual customer at any given point in time. 

Before finding out the ways, let’s know in detail about how the foundation of Customer experience can be strengthened. 

 Foundation of  Effective Customer Experience – Loyalty

Customer experience is the most important factor in attracting and retaining customers. 

As we know, Fintech companies are facing fierce competition from incumbents. The main reason why they are losing out is that they are not providing a great customer experience or not investing in effective  cloud solutions such as a cloud call center solution.

It’s important to understand customer experience impacts customer loyalty in many ways:

  • First and foremost, a good customer experience means that your customers will be more loyal to you as compared to your competitors. This is because they feel that you care about them and understand their needs better than anyone else. 
  • Secondly, it ensures repeat business which contributes to higher revenue for your company over time. 
  • Thirdly, it helps build trust between you and your customers which can be very useful when new products are launched or changes are made to existing ones.

To commit loyalty to a business, customers prefer to be able to interact with a brand on their own terms – via the channel that suits them best. If you can’t offer this kind of flexibility, then your customers will go elsewhere for their needs. Hence to increase loyalty in your fintech business, you should invest in customer experience. 

4 Ways To Truly Personalise CX in Fintech

Fintech companies are increasingly realising the importance of personalising their customer experience (CX). Personalisation is one of the most critical factors in driving customer satisfaction and loyalty, as well as increasing conversion rates.

But how can fintech ensure that their CX is truly customised for each individual? How can they ensure that every interaction with a customer feels like it’s been tailored just for them?

While many companies are moving towards personalisation ( via different cloud call center solutions), they may not be doing it in the right way. Here are four ways to truly personalise CX in fintech.

  1. Know Your Customers:

Customer data collection is essential for creating truly personalised customer experiences. It’s important to ensure that you have access to the right information about your customers’ preferences, behaviour and demographics. This will enable you to understand what they want from your products and services, as well as how they like them delivered. For example: mutual fund recommendations for a customer who is unmarried & 25 years and that for 37 years old with a spouse and kid would be very different.

  1. Use AI To Personalise Customer Experience : 

 Artificial intelligence can be used to personalise the customer experience by making predictions about what customers will want next. This can be done using AI chatbots or other automated systems that help you understand your customers better by learning from their past behaviour and preferences.

  1. Use the right channel:

The first and most important thing to do is to use the right channel. The majority of customers still prefer to interact with banks via phone or in person. However, younger generations are more comfortable with virtual channels.  There are many channels such as WhatsApp For Business which can help you reach your customers at the right place with high credibility. So, find out which channel your customers prefer and then provide them with an experience that is unique to them.

  1. Get feedback regularly : 

It’s always good to get feedback from your customers because this allows you to improve upon any mistakes made or areas where improvements could be made on existing products or services

Future Trends in Fintech CX Personalisation

The future of customer experience is personalised, and this is especially true in the fintech space. We’ve already seen some of the biggest trends in fintech customer experience (CX) in recent years, with the rise of chatbots and AI-powered chatbots. 

The rise of AI and machine learning has seen customer experience move from being transactional to becoming more personalised and focused on building relationships between brands and their customers. This means that companies are now able to tailor their communications with customers based on previous interactions with them, which helps improve customer satisfaction while also increasing conversion rates.

The most successful companies are those that understand their customers’ needs, wants and desires better than anyone else can – they know how to communicate with them effectively at every stage of their journey through the company’s brand experience.

In the past, there has been a focus on using technology to automate processes and increase efficiency. But now there’s an increasing emphasis on using technology to help deliver a better customer experience.


Where there is strong data and a meaningful understanding of customer needs, creative strategies can be applied to realise personalised customer engagement experiences. 

Through effective use of social media channels, website personalisation, IVR automation,  email customer srvice & AI Bots, the fintech industry can bring the promise of personalised experience to life and truly make it relevant in their customers’ day-to-day lives.