customer engagement in fintech

The fintech industry is innovative, forward thinking and often the first place to implement new ideas. This energy is reflected in the way that they engage with their customers through new-age channels and methodologies. Customer engagement in fintech is a crucial element for success. The entire Fintech ecosystem is changing rapidly under pressure from trends such as P2P payments and fast-developing customer engagement and core digital platforms. Businesses must be very engaging in order to gain loyalty from their customer base.

Fintechs recognize their overwhelming amounts of data have challenged them to find a new way to connect with customers; and the answer lies in – omnichannel customer interaction platform for automated customer engagement.

Fintech is a new way of doing traditional banking and financial activities

Nowadays, banking is not just about investing your money for a certain time period in order to make more profit. Banking has become a lot more than that, customers expect the services to be fast and efficient. At we believe that the era of mass banking is over, the way customers interact with banks is changing — they want personalization, efficiency and simplicity when it comes to banking activities.

The financial market is changing rapidly. Traditional banks are being replaced by digital banking and fintech systems, which ensure a seamless online customer experience. Putting it simply, it saves time for the customers. For example, instead of going into a bank or visiting your local branch, you can now do everything online or using an app. You really are able to bank whenever you want and wherever you are! This is just one of the many examples that showcase how fintech changes banking from the traditional way. The adoption of the fintech industry is not just for convenience but for a better user experience. specialises in providing customer engagement solutions within the Fintech industry

In the fintech industry, customer engagement is essential for long-term financial gain and building brand loyalty. However, as a busy fintech executive, you don’t have time to engage in: – 

  • Long, drawn out conversations 
  • Taking hours of your day to address individual concerns from clients 
  • Answering questions that are often asked by everyone in the organisation 
  • Being repetitive with responses 
  • Answering the same questions and receiving the same answers over and over

When it comes to using a product for your customer engagement needs, you want to be sure you’re working with someone who has the experience you require. There are a lot of companies offering standalone live chat solutions out there, and most claim to have amazing engagement rates and metrics. But you might find yourself wondering if these claims are actually true, whether the product can integrate with your ecosystem and if it’s scalable and flexible for your end. When it comes to providing your customers with an outstanding customer service experience, facts matter. 

You need to be able to deliver the highest quality of customer support possible in order to retain customers, serve them better, and turn them into brand advocates – and that starts with superior technology. If you are looking for the next step in meeting customer engagements, is your best bet for customer engagement solutions in the Fintech industry. uses the latest technology to enable financial institutions to communicate with their clients using an innovative solution

The financial services industry continues to change at a rapid pace. One driver of this change is the ability for institutions to communicate with their clients on the go, where they are and how they want to be communicated with! mobile application can help your teams deliver personalised relationship management experience to your clients. But wait, there is more.

Here are some quick features that cloud call center solution can help you in elevating your fintech experience:

  1. Managing queries and support across multiple inbound channels – voice, email, chat, WhatsApp for Business, Facebook, Twitter  for multiple processes
  2. Increasing outbound efficiency through advanced dialing modes and Truecaller For Business 
  3. IVR service provider  capability for payment reminders, customer feedback and other use-cases
  4. Delivering VIP customer experience for registered users by integrating with fintech core systems or CRM through Zoho Telephony API, Salesforce CTI, Freshdesk Phone Integration and more. provides the best customer experience for banks, funds and financial institutions who want to manage community engagement across multiple channels. Using Intalk, your team can converse with clients via voice, email, chat, social media, website and mobile channels — empowering them to reach their customers when and where they need to most.

Takeaway : The future of fintech CX is bright with

In a world where customer service teams are increasingly tasked with delivering superior experience, providing product feedback, managing retention and doing upsell – cross sell , tools like can be a huge asset to their work. In the fintech industry especially, customer service is an integral part of building the best experience possible for the end user, and plays a vital role in making that happen.