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    Businesses in the initial days have little number of customers so it is easier to make everyone feel special and reassure them that their business is important to the company. With growing customer base, it gets a little difficult to manage all the queries efficiently let alone make a customer feel special. The one thing that any customer doesn’t appreciates is not being acknowledged when they reach out to a business.

    They don’t bother the wait time as much as they detest not being acknowledged. As soon as a customer reaches out to a business, they must be greeted with a warm welcome and their query must be listened to. Later on, you can ask them to wait for a while and as and when their turn will come, they will be catered to. A customer not only loves this approach but they feel that they are being respected.

    However, all this will take up a lot of resources and will demand many employees to just cater to this very aspect of the business. Well, not really; with IVR system for call center this process can be automated. A pre-recorded message will welcome your customer with a warm greeting and will guide them to the respective department after understanding what their query is and which department will be right to troubleshoot their problem.

    How does IVR work?

    Best IVR system for call center has revolutionized communication with customers, it has actually made dealing with customers much simpler. Following is the process in which an IVR functions.

    • The caller calls the brand
    • The caller is greeted with a pre-recorded message
    • The caller is being informed about their options for call transfer, example, dial 1 for EMI details, dial 2 for Balance query, etc.
    • Once the caller dials the desired option, the agent is being assigned to the caller based on their input and the call is being routed to the agent

    Types of IVR System

    Self-Service IVR:

    This type of IVR system for call center is being used in a high-volume calls setup where the caller query is being resolved without transferring their call to a live agent. This helps the business save on cost and resolve issues at a faster rate. The calls get routed to an agent if the caller requires further details.

    Hosted IVR:

    For a hosted IVR, it allows the business to access the IVR application on the internet. This enables the business to offer round the clock customer service which in turn results in customer satisfaction and also drives business.

    Agent-Assisted IVR:

    In an agent-assisted IVR, the process is being optimized and it also helps the business to spend lesser on operations. Here the agents can feed pre-recorded messages to the customer in order to initiate the conversation without the customer knowing about it.

    IVR reduces the average call duration by 40%

    IVR is primarily used to handle inbound calls but it is also used to handle outbound communication, for example, to notify a customer to pay their outstanding payment or remind a customer of the upcoming event. You can customize your IVR system for call center according to your business needs in order to help your agents work more efficiently and drive more business. An IVR also helps in providing a good customer experience.

    Features of Best IVR Service Provider

    • Call Recording: Every call is important and hence recording it makes it easy to document the interaction exactly the way it happened. You can then extract the file anywhere and listen to it to further optimize the process
    • Call Back: If the customer is waiting for a long period of time, the customer can schedule a call back so that no calls goes unanswered
    • Predictive Dialler: A predictive dialler ensures that more calls are being made in a shorter time duration so that the agent’s time is being optimized
    • Call Flow Design: Create a call flow design, a journey for the caller so that their query is being troubleshot quickly and efficiently
    • Text Messages: This feature enables you to send a text message to the customer and makes communication much more efficient
    • Smart Dialling: A smart dialling and feature helps compile calling list and queue the calls on auto dial so that there is no time wasted and the process efficiency increases

    IVR has been a strong setup for the success of any business and in order to cater to the customer and make them feel important, enable agents to work efficiently, it is important install an Best IVR system in your work place.

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