Now-a-days people have all the money to buy which ever product that they wish to have. Consumer durable loans have made it easier for people to buy products that they couldn’t afford otherwise. So, what exactly are the customers trying to buy? It is the experience! Customers don’t buy your products but the experience that comes with it. This is where CRM comes into picture where all the data of the customer is available on the screen of the agent.
Wouldn’t it be amazing for your agent and customer alike when the agent has all the required details of the customer that they are talking to and are able to service them better and for the customer who would feel delighted to know that the organization knows what they want and that they don’t have to explain every detail to the agent. This is where your product sells as a whole, not just the product but the experience you have to offer.

Zoho CRM Platform:

Zoho corporation is one of the leaders when it comes to customer experience. They have literally redefined customer experience like never before. Founded in the year 1996, Zoho telephony API is trusted by 45 million users worldwide and the number is growing by the day. is a call center service that is made to fit like a glove in the Zoho ecosystem. Zoho CRM integration with software will enable your agents to perform even better and help you optimize the process.

Zoho integration – Single Sign-On:

As an organization you don’t have to install another software and your agents don’t have to go through rigorous training to understand the software. It is seamlessly integrated in the Zoho CRM interface that can be signed on with a single click. Your agent doesn’t have to remember multiple IDs and passwords as well, another menial task out of their way to make their day even more productive.

Zoho integration – Easy Access To Customer Information:

It is beneficial to have all the information of the customer at your disposal when they call as it will help your agents troubleshoot the problem even faster. The customer might be calling for a query that they have or a problem that they are facing, it would be of great use to the agent if they know what were the last purchases of the customer and what was the last interaction that they had with another agent on what topic. Zoho CRM integration software will help with details as such and will keep the agent on toes to help the customer and even the customer would be happy to know that they don’t have to repeat themselves.

Zoho integration – Calling is simply one click away:

Auto dialer

Zoho Telephony API CRM integration with software enables your agents to make a call with just one click opposed to manual dialing that would create numerous errors and waste of time for the agent and you as time lost is productivity lost and you want to ensure that your agent is productive for every minute that they spend working.
As the software is integrated, the agent can click on the number of the customer that they wish to call and the call will be automatically placed. The amount of time taken to dial those numbers manually will decrease much significantly which will help the agents not get fatigued and use that time to a better use.

Zoho integration – Call Reports and Voice Logs:

Auto dialer

In order to optimize the process, it is crucially important to make an informed decision and what better than call reports and voice logs. Zoho CRM integration with software will help you extract call reports to understand how your process is functioning and will enable you to course correct the process so that it can reach the desired goal. Voice logs will help you learn how the customer agent interaction is currently and what can be done to improve it. It will help you understand what process can be automated where in you can remove agents from that particular task and assign them much important tasks.

Zoho CRM Integration – CTI Pop-Ups:

A call center software can be easily added to the current system where in the CTI pop-ups will help the agents with all the details of the customer who is calling. This will give the agents a clear picture of what the problems might be or what was being sold to the customer earlier or what interaction they had earlier with other agents. Details as such will help the agent serve the clients better.