This is an important and unavoidable question. Cloud call center solutions are all the rage these days, and for a good reason: cloud-based systems are faster, more flexible, and more affordable than traditional on-premise systems. If you are running a business that does any sort of inbound or outbound calling—be it sales, support, or just keeping your customers happy—it is important to know what cloud call centers are about, how they work, and whether they are right for your business.

What is a Cloud Call Center Software?

A cloud call center solution or virtual call center software is an online tool that allows business owners to empower, monitor, and manage a remote team of customer service agents from any location. It provides the same functionality as traditional call center solutions but without an on-site infrastructure.

The software allows team managers to schedule their call center operations more effectively, and it provides an easy system for the employees to access the relevant tools and data they need to do their jobs.

Virtual call center software is also sometimes referred to as remote agent call center software. A virtual call center software works by taking calls that are directed to your company and routing them to the appropriate agents. Instead of having a phone system that relies on a physical location, with a cloud call center solution, your agents can take calls from anywhere.

A virtual call center software is the way to go

Here is why!

  1. Cloud call center solutions are scalable – meaning that as your business grows and needs more phone lines and agents, you can easily scale up without needing to invest in an entirely new system or even buy new equipment. 

In addition, they usually offer features that are not easily scalable with traditional on-premise systems, such as automated attendants (IVR), integration with social & digital channels and the ability to route calls based on certain criteria such as date/time of day, caller ID information and CSAT scores, to name a few.

  1. Record calls with ease

For organisations with thousands of employees in multiple locations, managing a call center can be a complex and costly process. Cloud-based call center solutions simplify the process by providing a single interface for managing your communications—both incoming and outgoing. Cloud call center solutions also provide tools for tracking, recording, routing, and reporting.

Our tools can help you do anything from playing your caller an interactive voice response (IVR) menu to dialling numbers automatically to record and analyze calls.

  1. Work remotely, anywhere with a cloud call center solution

A virtual call center software provide the best of both worlds for businesses. They can be accessed from anywhere, so you don’t need to have a physical location to be able to have an office and have your team available to take calls from customers or prospects.

  1. Get more information with reporting cloud contact center comes with an advanced reporting portal that helps you understand your business better and make decisions backed by hard data, not guesswork. You can also use our analytics tools to learn about your customers’ needs and preferences and tailor their experiences so that they keep coming back for more.

  1. Obtain flexibility and mobility with a cloud call center solution

When you are looking for a call centre dialer software, you have to balance the customer experience with your company’s bottom line. That’s why offers a cloud call center solution that can be adapted to meet your company’s needs and grow with you as your business expands.  Cloud-based call center software at intalk offers mobility that is not possible with on-premises systems, so agents can take their work with them anywhere they go.


Virtual call center software can help your business improve its customer service and make sure that your employees are happy with their work environment. Virtual call centers offer customers a more personal experience because they get to speak directly with an agent on the phone, which drives customer engagement.

A virtual call center software solution is a scalable and modern way to handle your phone calls. Your business is unique, and you deserve a call center solution that helps streamline your services. That’s why we provide cloud-based call center software that best suits your needs.

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