Cloud contact center solutions are becoming very popular due to their low cost, high scalability and increased efficiency. A Forrester report predicts that the global cloud market will reach $236 billion by 2020. Setting up a cloud contact center solution has multiple benefits. It saves costs on the installation and management of the call center. The scalability is quite flexible. A cloud call center solution results in a rapid ROI and lowers down the total cost of ownership. Having a legacy contact center has its benefits, but if you are looking for a solution with these benefits, a cloud call center solution may be a better fit for you.

Easy Installations:

Installations can be quite a tedious job. Even if your finances permit an elaborate hardware installation, you have to make sure that your office space can support such hardware. Even later there is a lot of planning involved in setting up the system, and it usually takes a whole team to set up the system. A cloud contact center solution, on the other hand, requires minimal costs on installation. A cloud call center solution requires no hardware installation, it can be easily set up on the internet in a matter of days. This can turn out to be a great advantage for startups and other companies that do not have a large office space or wish to focus their resources and funds on matters that align more with the vision of their organization.

System Management Simplified:

Managing the systems and the hardware of a contact center can be quite a task. A small glitch in your system has the potential of bringing your entire organization’s work at a standstill. One has to constantly check whether the systems are working properly and work on the updates of the systems on a regular basis. This can be quite challenging on a long term basis and would require the attention of an entire team with proper experience. With a cloud call center solution, you do not have to worry about such matters. A cloud call center solution spares you the hassles of hardware management so that your team can focus more on the bottom line of your organization.

Effortless Scalability:

A cloud contact center solution can easily support all your agents without the need of any additional infrastructure or hardware. With a cloud contact center solution, an increase in the number of agents will not equal to an increase in the infrastructure or extra costs in terms of hardware installations. A cloud contact center solution can be a perfect fit for both small and large scale organizations. A cloud contact center solution can offer unlimited scalability to keep up with the increasing demand without adding to the costs or the taking up space for hardware in any way.

Reduced Costs:

With a growing organization comes an increase in the number of agents and with an increase in the number of agents you have piling infrastructure in your office space, but wait, can your office space support this infrastructure, or do you need a bigger place?
With an increasing number of agents, your costs will inevitably spike up. The costs for your office space will increase, the costs for maintaining the hardware will increase and you will eventually have to hire more people to ensure that the system is up and running. With a cloud call center solution, you do not have to worry about any of these matters. A cloud call center solution does not need any additional hardware, so maintaining the hardware will be out of the picture.

Protect your data:

It’s quite simple – loss of data equals the loss of money. In this time, every bit of data has monetary value, and if you end up losing your data due to a system breakdown, it might cost your company dearly. A cloud call center solution backs up all your data to ensure safety.

Flexibility in usage:

Your agents won’t always be available to log in to their system, this can turn out to be a hindrance to providing a good customer experience. Let not your agents’ availability limit the experience that you provide to your customers. Ensure that your agents are always there for your customers with a cloud contact center solution. A cloud call center solution will ensure that your agents will always be able to access the necessary customer information and data through their phones or laptops and make inbound and outbound calls to provide immediate assistance.

Legacy contact center solutions have served us in the best possible manner, and they still do have many benefits, but if you are looking to set up a contact center and browsing for the right options, a cloud call center solution might be the perfect fit for you. It is easily set up, needs minimal investments and offers flexible scalability by allowing you to add and withdraw licenses according to your business requirements. With minimum office space needed, it is usually the choice that most of the organizations opt for.’s cloud offering gives the best in class services and is very easy to set up. It offers all the above benefits and more.
One usually dilemma that organizations face is, ‘Should I switch from a legacy to a cloud offering?’ Well, if the above benefits clicked with you and you wish to focus more on the bottom line of your organization without having the hassles of dealing with your contact center from an IT/Admin perspective, then a cloud call center solution is for you.