LeadSquared CRM

What is LeadSquared CRM?

LeadSquared CRM  is a versatile, cloud-based marketing automation and CRM solution designed for businesses of all sizes across a variety of industries, including finance, e-commerce, education, health and wellness, marketing, real estate, software, and hospitality. With LeadSquared, businesses can streamline crucial tasks such as lead capture, marketing, sales CRM, reporting, and analytics through automation.

How does LeadSquared CRM work?

LeadSquared CRM works by automating and centralising the different processes involved in lead management and customer relationship management. It offers a comprehensive suite of tools and features that allow businesses to capture leads, manage customer interactions, and measure the success of their marketing and sales efforts.

The benefits of  LeadSquared integration with intalk.io include:

  1. Seamless lead management: LeadSquared CRM integrates with intalk.io to provide businesses with a complete view of their lead management process. The intalk CRM integration enables businesses to track leads from initial contact through to conversion, which helps to streamline the lead management process and increase efficiency.
  1. Improved customer engagement: Integrating intalk.io with LeadSquared CRM enables businesses to have real-time communication with their customers and prospects. This improves customer engagement and helps to build stronger relationships with customers over time.
  1. Enhanced reporting and analytics: LeadSquared CRM provides businesses with a wealth of data and insights about their customers and prospects. Integrating with intalk.io enables businesses to gather even more information about their customers and prospects, which can inform data-driven decision making and help businesses to make more informed decisions.

How To Boost CX With intalk.io x LeadSquared Integration?

The integration between intalk and LeadSquared CRM is a game-changer for businesses looking to take their customer relationship management to the next level. With just a few clicks, you can effortlessly sync your contact database with your CRM, empowering you to track your leads with precision. 

Here’s how this integration can help you:

  • Click2Call: Call customers directly from Leadsquared CRM without switching screens 
  • Agent Mapping: For incoming calls, customers get connected to their mapped agents’ basis Leadsquared mapping logic
  • Integrated Customer Activity & Tracking: All call interactions and recording links are synced and available within Leadsquared 
  • Single Disposition Mode: Call outcomes and dispositions are synced between Leadsquared and intalk.io


In conclusion, integrating intalk.io with LeadSquared CRM offers a range of benefits, including seamless lead management, improved customer engagement, enhanced reporting and analytics, and increased sales productivity.

Also, this integration can provide a more holistic view of customer interactions across different channels. With intalk.io’s call tracking and recording features, businesses can capture valuable information about their customers’ conversations, which can be used to personalise future interactions and improve customer satisfaction. When combined with LeadSquared’s customer data management capabilities, businesses can gain a more complete understanding of their customers’ needs and preferences, allowing for more targeted and effective communication.