CTI integration

Modern technology is a blessing because today you can build apps that solve real problems. We provide scalable cloud telephony applications that integrate seamlessly with your existing business process and help you achieve a better customer experience. Our objective is to enable you to serve customers faster, more flexibly, and more cost-effectively without increasing operational costs. Today we are talking about CTI Integration which has been around for quite a few years and is still the most powerful capability when it comes to leveraging telephony and core business applications. 

What is CTI integration and how does it work?

CTI stands for Computer Telephony Integration. It’s a technology that lets you automate your customer support processes by combining your CRM system with your phone system.

A CTI integration is the connection between two different software applications. It’s not just about connecting your call center to your CRM; it’s about creating a seamless experience for your customer.

The most common use cases for CTI are:

  1. Call Management from Your Desktop
  2. Identification of Callers Automatically
  3. Intelligent Call Routing & Distribution
  4. Maintaining Systems to keep in-sync
  5. Call Recording and Analytics

Benefits of CTI integration

CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) is a system that allows your contact centre to receive all calls into one number, instead of multiple numbers. This allows businesses to have a single point of entry for all customer service inquiries, rather than having each department have its own phone number.

For example, the CTI integration with intalk.io enables you to integrate your Zoho CRM  and use it as a call center platform with multiple extensions. This way, you can receive calls from customers within Zoho and manage the entire workflow through the same intalk.io console.

intalk.io CTI Integration Functionalities:

  1. Single Sign-On:

The single sign-on feature will help your agents to sign in to intalk.io through the user interface of your CRM. An agent wouldn’t need to log into both applications in order to access calling functionalities. Once they log into your CRM, they will be able to make and receive calls without any hassle.

  1. Click-to-Call Functionality:

Click-to-call functionality streamlines the calling process of a CRM by making a phone number clickable. This feature reduces the number of errors that are made by the user while he dials the numbers to make calls to the customers. This also contributes to the overall productivity of the agents.

  1. CTI-Pop up:

CTI pop-up is a feature that helps you get a quick insight of your customer’s details before you start a conversation with them. intalk.io empowers the CRM experience by showing all the information of a customer to an agent when a call arrives. 

  1.  Voice Logs and Reports:

intalk.io delivers voice logs and reports within the CRM interface for managers to make informed decisions regarding the everyday operations of their organization.

intalk.io CTI Integration with Popular CRMs:

intalk.io inbound and outbound contact center platform seamlessly integrates with various CRM solutions to provide CTI enabled integrated functionality to deliver better customer experience and empower agent experience. Here are the CRMs with which intalk.io is pre-integrated.

  1. Salesforce CTI Integration

intalk.io is a solution that is custom-made to seamlessly integrate with Salesforce CTI integration and give it superior calling qualities, all the while maintaining its effortless and smooth user experience.

  1. Zoho Telephony API

Zoho CRM integration software will help with details such as the last purchases of the customer and what was the last interaction that they had with another agent on what topic and will keep the agent on toes to help the customer and even the customer would be happy to know that they don’t have to repeat themselves. Zoho CRM integration with Intalk.io software will enable your agents to perform even better and help you optimise the process.

  1. Hubspot Phone Integration

The integration between intalk.io and Hubspot CRM Integration allows you to seamlessly sync your contact database with your CRM so that you can more effectively track your leads, customers; enable telephony functionality inside CRM and much more.

  1. Freshdesk Phone Integration

Freshdesk phone integration with intalk.io calling software will help your agents to gain telephony access inside support, sales, and marketing activities under a single screen. The integration allows you to shift seamlessly from the desktop to the phone with just one click. This allows your team members to attend calls at their convenience without logging into a separate phone system. 

  1. Kapture CRM Cloud Telephony Integration

With intalk.io and Kapture CRM cloud telephony integration, you can manage and resolve queries coming via phone without switching between platforms. Deliver integrated CX via voice within Kapture CRM. 


Integrating CTI tools like intalk.io with business systems allows service providers to do what they do best – provide a great service – without getting in the way of the customer’s day. By allowing users to easily opt-in to your service, it provides an efficient and convenient way for customers to resolve their issues quickly – without the need to call you or log an issue.