Why does a call center or any organization require reporting for their cloud call center solution?

A cloud call center solution receives numerous calls in a day and contact center agents get all the queries sorted. All the information regarding the calls is stored in the system. But would you as a manager or team leader be able to compile the data? The reporting feature is essential for your contact center solution.

This feature can help collate all the necessary information in a specific manner. These reports can have filters to collate information to make data-driven decisions for more effective future campaigns. 

How does Reporting help in a call center software?

1. Define clear KPIs for the cloud call center agents

Setting priorities is important in the process of establishing key performance indicators (KPI). You can do this by setting goals. A goal is an objective or aim that you pursue. From there, you can set Key Performance Indicators (KPI). 

With reporting, you extract reports of all the conversations that you have had with customers on multiple channels of engagements such as voice, email, SMS and social media. This will help call center supervisors and managers to analyse and set clear KPIs for the cloud call center solution agents to follow.

2. Providing constructive feedback

Regular assessment of the quality of customer service provided is vital for the successful operation of any call center. Keep a track of your agent’s performance, and then be ready to offer targeted feedback. This will help the agents to improve, but make sure all feedback gives them a clear sense.

To manage your employees effectively, you need to evaluate their work in a consistent way. If you do that, you’ll find it easier to identify the gaps between the standards you have set and the service that they provide. This will give you an opportunity.

3. Identify training opportunities

Reporting gives the ability to analyze large volumes of agent/customer interactions. This releases information on specific calls with issues, and trends across the whole agent population. These calls create the opportunity to coach the call center agents using identified good examples to improve standards across the contact center. These examples are real-time that have been used in the past. 

4. Manage call center agent performance

As a call center manager, you know the kind of calls handled by an agent on daily basis. Here is a chart with all the information.

One of the best ways to help the call center agents do their best work all the time is through positive incentives. When you show your appreciation to your employees, they offer exceptional customer service to the customers in return. This benefits the organization and everyone.

5. Understand real-time data

A key part of customer experience lies in how well a contact center agent understands what’s really going on during the customer call. With a simplified approach to the reports generated, the contact center agent should be able to analyse the data at hand. Focus on metrics that are important and focus to make it better. You can also personalise your dashboard to check important metrics.

How does intalk.io help?

The reporting feature of intalk.io has the following benefits:

  • Improves overall performance of calls/interactions with adaptive insights through reporting.
  • Reducing gaps to achieve better agent performance.
  • Providing tools to achieve an overall better customer experience.
  • Helps in creating customised reports with the information stored in the system.
  • A well-structured dashboard will help you analyse faster and execute plans on the go.
  • Make data-driven decisions with the analytics provided.

intalk.io empowers supervisors and managers with reports and analytics of their team’s performance so that they can guide their agents towards an increased FCR (First Call Resolution) and a reduced AHT (Agent Handling Time). intalk.io is an inbound call center solution and outbound call center software that best fits any type of organization.

intalk.io also supports Salesforce CTI Integration, ZOHO Telephony API, Freshdesk Phone Integration and many more. It is a Virtual Call Center Software that can easily fit well with any of the existing CRMs to provide more accurate performance metrics and insights, so you can close the performance gap and ensure executive accountability. 

For more details on reporting, check out the video here.

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