One thing that is certain in life is uncertainty. To reduce this uncertainty, people look at various options, and one of them is buying insurance. Insurance policies are bought to protect lives, businesses, vehicles etc. Several people have started paying premiums for their insurance policies to safeguard their future.

JFM (January February March) is the time when people renew or buy new insurance policies. At the beginning of the new year, people start planning their future and exploring all options for tax savings. This leads to an increase in the demand for insurance which also brings peak inbound and outbound volumes to contact center agents.

A call center software for insurance that evolves with changing times

Today, most insurance companies have a contact center platform to make outbound calls and attend to incoming calls. Many insurance companies use broadcasts for renewal reminders. However, the insurance sector is evolving fast. Customers are demanding a different approach to customer service and this has forced insurance companies to adopt the latest technology. In the last years and especially during the pandemic many customers (insurers) have started to use social media and various chat channels for customer communication.

Even though some insurers are still reluctant to embrace social media, it has become one of the most important tools when dealing with customer enquiries. Using social media as part of an integrated customer support service can also help insurers with their load optimization and adopting new digital channels such as social media integration, using Chatbots.

To be able to build a relationship with the customer it is essential to give customers a positive experience through personalization. Here are some of the ways insurance companies can improve their customer experience:

  1. Be sensitive to your policyholders’ needs: To build customer loyalty, provide customers with convenience and transparency by offering a solution that meets their lifestyle & family needs. Empower your insurance contact center agents with calling scripts and contextual information by integrating your marketing and service CRM with the Virtual call center software.
  2. Improve efficiency and productivity: Actively guide customer interactions and automate underwriting and claims servicing to reduce costs thus empowering agents to address more complex interactions. This can be achieved by the use of chatbots across website chat, social media messengers and mobile app.
  3. Integrate services and elevate them: Make your insurance ecosystem more digitally integrated by using enterprise APIs and integrating call center systems with core insurance system. Thus improve revenue, speed to market, flexibility and scalability in your insurance business.
  4. Enhance flexibility: Explore cloud capabilities that are flexible and fit changing demands. Cloud migration for departments such as contact center can reduce IT costs and maintenance efforts, as well as enable remote work and provided access to new AI & analytics features.

How can help you achieve greater productivity in insurance? is an omnichannel customer interaction platform with outbound dialling, inbound call center solution, Best IVR service and integrated social media channels’ capability.

We believe in empowering businesses with the right technology to build brand loyalty through top-notch customer experience. With so many calls and queries that the agents have to deal with, it can be very confusing and lead to dissatisfied customers. An omnichannel contact center solution for insurance can ease the agent’s burden, increase customer delight and improve retention.

Features provided by for a smooth execution:

– Meeting and callback scheduler
– Historical reports and real-time dashboards
– CTI screen pop-ups
– Mobile app to support work from anywhere
– Intelligent interactive voice response
– Multi-Channel interaction Handling
– Customer satisfaction rating
– Cloud or premise deployment
– Integrations with CRM
– Intelligent IVR
– Web Self-Service (Chatbot)

Our inbound and outbound call center software help in managing peak inbound and outbound volumes in the upcoming months. This will elevate customer experience and create brand loyalty for the insurance company. The retention of potential customers will increase profits through premiums for insurance companies.


The digital transformation of customer service has created a need for companies to place less emphasis on call centers and more on digital channels such as social media integration, using chatbots or cloud call center solutions for insurance sectors to manage peak volume and maintain productivity.

To stay ahead of the curve, it is better to start preparing for this demand surge by choosing the best options available that help not only the insurance company but also ease the life of its employees and customers. The perfect solution to manage the increase in inbound and outbound volumes is to choose

Our platform is user friendly which makes insurance agents’ lives simpler. We are way ahead in terms of the technology we use, which gives you an edge over other competitors in the business.

With increasing customer expectations, it is no longer enough to have a digital presence. Insurance companies must strive harder to make the entire process of buying insurance policies more satisfying and enjoyable. To bring innovation to your customer experience process and see an increase in your brand loyalty and customer delight. Get ready to deliver an omnichannel customer experience.