Enhance your CX with ZOHO Telephony API and intalk.io

Zoho CRM is used by numerous organizations and is the best fit for small businesses. 

It has some great features to get more leads, accelerate sales, deliver customer service and retain customers.

The Zoho CRM also has other features that include:

  • Time tracking
  • Task management
  • Customer database
  • Invoicing
  • Reports
  • Mobile application

But one feature that is missing is – calling. With Zoho Telephony API, contact center agents can make calls from within the CRM itself. That’s where intalk.io helps. The integration of ZOHO Telephony API with intalk.io

What is Zoho Telephony API?

The Zoho Telephony API is a powerful platform that enables businesses to integrate telephone calls into their application. With the Zoho Telephony API, you can integrate features like outbound calling, call transfers, call hold, voicemail retrieval, ring groups, and more. The Zoho Telephony API utilizes the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) to provide these capabilities to your application.

Why is  Zoho Telephony API important for a contact center solution?

The Zoho Telephony API is a key component for many Zoho products. For example, it is used by the Zoho Meeting application to enable attendees to dial each other during meetings. It is used by the Zoho CRM to integrate with users’ phone systems.

With Zoho and intalk.io integration, you can set up phone numbers for your business and customize them as per your requirements. You can also enable toll-free or vanity numbers for your users. You can also implement advanced call handling features like voicemail transcription logs and recording calls. Using the SDKs provided by this API you can create applications that support calling functionality without having any dependency on the telecommunications infrastructure of the company for which you are developing the app.

Features of Zoho and intalk.io integration:

1. Call reports and logs

Call reports and voice logs are among the most useful features of an inbound call center solution and outbound call center software. It is easy to think of them as optional extras, but they actually make a big difference to the way your business operates.

It’s often worth making extra effort to get access to useful information quickly and easily. It contains information on every call made through the cloud call center solution. All the reports and logs can be analyzed and used as case studies further for training to contact center agents. Call reports and voice logs are enormously useful for that purpose.

2. Single sign-on (SSO)

Single sign-on is the process of eliminating the need to enter multiple passwords and/or PINs to access multiple applications and services. Single Sign-On is its ability to allow contact center agents to access intalk.io within Zoho CRM from a single browser session.

This functionality translates into increased productivity and less time spent on calling IT for help with log-in issues. Additionally, it allows for better communication between departments by allowing agents to gain information about their customers without having to call a different department or talk to a different representative.

3. Call recording

Within the intalk.io call center dialer software, contact center agents can use the automated call recording feature for all incoming/outgoing calls at no additional cost. The recordings are stored in the cloud and available to access. 

4. Access to information

Customer information is a valuable resource. It’s a resource that is often underutilized, but still a valuable one. For a contact center agent to provide proper and apt assistance to any customer, he/she needs to access their details. The availability of easy access to information in one place is essential in developing better customer relationships.

It acts as a guide for employees to understand what their customers want and the kind of service the customers want from them. intalk.io can be very helpful in providing easy access to information about your customers in one place inside your existing Zoho CRM. Thus it becomes very easy for you to manage your customer database effectively and facilitate them better CX at all times.


Customer service in today’s world is not just a department or a function. It has turned into a business strategy. For your strategy to work effectively and efficiently, you need to advance and use updated technology and stay on your toes to serve your customers.

Let intalk.io help you to provide your business with a cloud call center solution that will help your business.
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