Hubspot CRM integration with

What is Hubspot CRM?

Hubspot CRM integration flexibly works with your existing ecosystem. It can be used for all aspects of your company, from sales, marketing, and customer service to lead management, support and reporting.

Manually updating sales reports is a thing of the past. With Hubspot CRM integration, you can track real-time sales activity, get reports, and use insights for growth. It will also help you save time and close more deals as you grow.

How does Hubspot CRM work?

Hubspot CRM is an extension of the HubSpot platform. CRM in the present day is an inevitable part of a company’s growth strategy. 

Hubspot CRM deals with contact management, sales opportunity information, and company. It helps to bring all communication from different channels at one place including website, email, phone calls, and social media. 

How integrating calling into Hubspot can help?

Hubspot has a calling integration with so you can use your existing number for inbound calls and outbound calls within the Hubspot interface. When a customer calls your number, Hubspot will notify you on your CRM interface. You can easily pick up the call from within the app and talk to customers about their issues while viewing the contact information and history..

The Hubspot VOIP lets you track user journeys from your website, blog or landing pages in real-time. You can also add phone numbers to your contacts and track call activity right from Hubspot. makes it easy for anyone to use Hubspot to manage their calls with just one click. With, you can easily:

  • Create an integrated calling experience within Hubspot CRM
  • Have a full view of customers’ history during calls.
  • Save important call logs and notes on your CRM.
  • Prioritize sales calls with data from your CRM.

How x Hubspot CRM Integration works?

The CRM integration between intalk and Hubspot allows you to seamlessly sync your contact database with your CRM so that you can more effectively track your leads by phone number, email address, etc

  1. taps into Hubspot: Now, make calls from inside HubSpot without switching screens
  1. Document everything inside Hubspot: Update call notes, use custom call dispositions and stay in context
  1. Keep the teams in sync: Auto-update Hubspot Contact Activity with call notes, disposition
  1. Audit and optimise performance: Listen to call recordings and monitor interactions inside Hubspot CRM


Intalk’s CRM integration with Hubspot will help you follow up on inbound leads, save time and give you more data on your contact’s behavior. The time savings and increased capabilities for salespeople will allow them to be in more contact with the leads that matter the most