Dealing with multi-channel customer inquiries is a considerable challenge for every business. In recent years, more and more enterprises are accepting the idea of online chat as a preferred form of communication that their customers use in addition to call centres. Hence, support to facilitate multi-channel interactions is the need of the hour.

Online conversations can and do branch into multiple channels. Twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp For Business are just some of the popular mediums being used to communicate on the web today. But communicating in real-time across several platforms can be painful and difficult for enterprises. That’s where comes in handy.

It’s a brand new way of handling multi-channel conversations. By combining the power of channel integrations, AI bots, and human agents you can connect multiple channels and run automated tasks. offers the most streamlined, efficient, and effective way to engage with your customers. .

The Rise Of Multi-Channel Interactions

The digital landscape is changing rapidly, with new channels being launched every day and existing ones evolving from their traditional form. With this change comes the need to adapt to these new channels and create strategies that can help you engage with your customers across all of them.

Multi-channel interactions have become the norm for businesses and consumers alike. This means that businesses need to be able to interact with customers across multiple channels, including messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, SMS and WhatsApp. But even traditional channels like email and phone calls are becoming more and more complex. Today’s consumers expect brands to be available 24/7, which means that business owners have to juggle multiple communication channels at once.

No matter what type of business you run or what industry you’re in, managing multi-channel interactions can be really challenging — especially if you don’t know where your customers prefer to interact. 

Delivering Consistent User Experience Across Channels

People are spending more and more time online. They have different needs when they’re in the office, at home or out and about. The same is true for their mobile devices.

To deliver a consistent user experience across all channels, businesses need to consider which channels their customers use most often. Then they can tailor their service & marketing efforts accordingly.

For example, if your customers are primarily using email or text messaging, you could focus on those platforms with the help of virtual call center dialer software before expanding into other ones such as social media or video.

With a growing number of channels, many businesses find it difficult to provide a consistent user experience across all their interactions. And when they try, they often just end up managing multiple separate conversations that aren’t connected in any way.

Multi-channel interactions can be difficult to manage because there are so many different ways to talk to customers. And as soon as you start trying to integrate different channels into one conversation, you’ll discover that there isn’t really a “one size fits all” approach to handling this kind of interaction. is a new virtual call center software that allows companies to manage their online interactions across multiple channels and social media networks. It’s the first solution that offers real-time tracking of conversations across multiple platforms. The platform also enables businesses to easily view customer comments on social networks, reply to them in real time, monitor user engagement and collect important data about their customers’ preferences

Common UI To View All Customer Interactions

Sometimes, it’s hard to keep up with all your customers.

Channels like SMS, email, chat and social media are great for engaging with your customers. But they’re also a mess of different systems that don’t talk to each other.

In the information age, customer interactions have become increasingly complex. Customers expect a seamless experience across multiple channels — phone, email and chat.

In most cases, however, companies have siloed their communication channels into separate tools that don’t talk to one another. This results in multiple customer service agents having to handle the same issue separately (and often incorrectly).

intalk provides a Common UI to view all customer interactions in one place. This is accomplished through the use of the intalk unified agent desktop. The unified agent desktop is designed to integrate with any CRM through integrations such as Salesforce CTI, Freshdesk Phone integration, Zoho Telephony API and can be deployed within minutes. agent desktop provides agents with a single view for all customer communications across any number of channels. The console also allows agents to search and filter through their historical interactions, and receive real-time notifications when new messages arrive in their inboxes.

Smart Routing And Distribution Of Interactions

Interactions are the lifeblood of a business. They are what keep people engaged with your brand, what help you build relationships and what ultimately drive revenue.

But how do you make sure those interactions are handled properly?

Interactions can come from anywhere — an in-need customer WhatsApp message, a frustrated customer call, or even a VIP customer. How do you ensure that each interaction is routed to the right person in real time? And how do you ensure that every interaction is routed to the right channel at the right time?

With, we’re taking on this problem head-on by providing a smart routing engine that connects your internal systems into one streamlined workflow. The result is a single platform where all interactions are routed and distributed across multiple channels, based on customer and other CRM attributes..

Automation Using Bots And AI is a cloud call center solution that uses AI and automated bots to give you a better way to handle multi-channel interactions. The platform leverages AI to learn from your customers’ behaviour and deliver personalised experiences across channels. It also provides an easy way to manage multiple customer interactions while providing agents with a single view of the customer. allows you to create multiple chatbots for different channels or topics, so that you can have different bots for Facebook Messenger, Twitter Direct Messages, mobile app, WhatsApp for Business and SMS. You can also customise responses based on specific keywords or phrases that users send in their messages. This allows the chatbot to better understand what the customer wants without requiring detailed training or programming knowledge on your part.

Reporting And Analytics On Customer Interaction Data

intalk provides Reporting and Analytics on customer interaction data.

With, you can easily track, analyse and report on your customer interactions across multiple channels. When integrated with client CRM, enterprise system; can provide unified reports across channels with customer insights. This serves as a great feedback for customer service planning, feedback, WFM and improving customer experience as a whole. 

Takeaway: is a next generation omnichannel customer interaction platform to handle multi-channel customer interaction. makes it easy for brands and businesses to plug into all the channels that their customers use in day-to-day communication and to be able to quickly switch between them. The platform is smart enough for the customer care agents to provide the right information, at the right time, through the right channel. With, every customer interaction gets logged in one place, so you can tackle data analysis a whole lot easier after you’ve finished dealing with your customers – or even before!