WhatsApp for Business in India

WhatsApp is a messaging app that allows users to chat with their friends, family and colleagues. It’s also a powerful communication tool for businesses since it offers various features like business chat, automated notifications, transactional-based broadcasts, chatbots, etc. enabling instant messaging-based customer engagement. The app is free for users and available on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

WhatsApp is designed to help businesses of all sizes communicate with their customers in real-time. Companies have for long used the traditional SMS system to send out transactional messages,  promotional offers and other information to their customers. But now everybody has WhatsApp on their phone and it is the most used app. WhatsApp for Business allows customers to communicate with your brand, as well as receive 24×7 support and time-sensitive notifications. It is also a non-intrusive method i.e. it also allows users to subscribe and unsubscribe at any time via an “unsubscribe” button in the automated messages.

Why should brands opt for WhatsApp Business?

With more than 1 billion monthly active users, WhatsApp has become one of the most popular messaging apps in the world. It offers businesses an opportunity to connect with their customers at an affordable cost without having to build their own communication app or even website.

WhatsApp for Business offers businesses several advantages over other platforms:

1. It’s free for users: WhatsApp is free for users, so there’s no need to pay anything to get started.

2. It’s easy to use: WhatsApp for Business is simple and intuitive to use, which makes it an ideal tool for communicating with customers quickly and easily. Companies can design and build bots which can work on the WhatsApp interface thus making it easier for users to click and choose the most appropriate option.

3. It keeps people in touch with what matters most: We all know how much people like being able to share photos, videos and other content through WhatsApp, so it makes sense for businesses to use this channel too! It helps you build relationships with customers by establishing a personal connection. With WhatsApp Business, companies can send and receive rich text messages, photos, videos, and documents in a variety of formats.

4. No ads: WhatsApp has no advertisements and does not share user data with third parties; therefore, it helps brands maintain a higher level of privacy when communicating with customers.

5. It is secured: Whatsapp offers end-to-end encryption and has MFA i.e. multi-factor authentication so that the chats between the company and customers remain confidential.

6. It’s powerful: With rich text and multimedia i.e. photos, videos, pdf and other popular document formats, companies can share information beyond just chats thus serving complex and complicated use-cases through WhatsApp based communication.

intalk.io x WhatsApp Business

Give your customer’s the best experience by connecting with them via WhatsApp for Business with your cloud call center solution. Here is how!

1. Use WhatsApp as an additional channel to allow your existing customers and prospects to reach you. Get a unified intalk.io agent UI to respond to customer interactions via voice, email, WhatsApp, website chat, mobile app chat and beyond.

2. Provide customer support 24×7 for customer questions and concerns via bots + human-agent interaction. Create bots for multiple use-cases on ChatInBox.io thus saving agent’s time and only passing complex interactions to agents

3. Send messages with texts, photos, videos and GIFs — all the things that make up a conversation contextual and accurate. Integrate with your CRM or core systems to send documents and transactional information on customer’s WhatsApp instantly through WhatsApp Business API

4. Deliver high-quality customer service by having users “reply” directly to your business bot and also complete sale transactions by processing orders right in the chat window.

5. Support for 50+ languages thus allowing companies to serve customers in their local language


Do you know that 90% of all WhatsApp messages are opened in less than 3 minutes? 

intalk.io, an official WhatsApp For Business API partner can help you enhance your customer experience, make your brand proactive and increase your revenue.

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