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    Starting a call center can be quite challenging. There are many things that a business owner has to keep in mind before establishing a call center. Starting with the right contact center solution can be one of the most important aspects of planning a proper strategy during the initial stages. is a Multi-Channel Contact Center Solution equipped with enterprise-grade Communication abilities. unifies all business communication channels – voice, email, SMS, webchat and social media within a dynamic & robust, centrally managed Customer Experience Management Platform.

    Following are the features of that are quite advantageous for BPOs:

    Benefits of Home Based Call Center Solution -

    On-Premise for BPOs

    If you are an enterprise or a large-scale BPO, and looking for complete control over your solution, then can be indigenously deployed in your office premises with the availability of industry-standard hardware. Research says that on-premise deployments contribute to a lower TCO and a better ROI within a 3-year time span.

    Cloud-Based Model – Quick & Easy Installations

    The cloud model offers the same amount of features and functionalities without having the inconvenience of installing additional hardware from your end. It provides consistent uptimes along with undisrupted availability and has been deployed at various leading data centers. offers flexible scalability by allowing you to add and withdraw licenses according to your business requirements.

    Cloud-Based Model – Quick & Easy Installations -
    Data Security for BPOs -

    Data Security for BPOs ensures that your customers’ card payment data and other confidential data is always secure. is strictly compliant to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) and other industry norms to always keep customer information safe within your system.

    Scalability & Flexibility can easily support all your agents without the need of any additional infrastructure or hardware. With a cloud contact center solution, an increase in the number of agents will not equal to an increase in the infrastructure or extra costs in terms of hardware installations. is a perfect fit for both small and large scale organizations. offers unlimited scalability to keep up with the increasing demand without adding to the costs or the taking up space for hardware in any way.

    Scalability & Flexibility -
    Call Monitoring Software -

    Reporting & Analytics

    A good Call Monitoring Software collects all data from your previous campaigns and helps you make smarter, data-driven decisions for more effective future campaigns. empowers supervisors and managers with reports and analytics of their team’s performance so that they can guide their agents towards an increased FCR (First Call Resolution) and a reduced AHT (Agent Handling Time). Mobile App

    Your agents won’t always be available to log in to their system, this can turn out to be a hindrance to providing a good customer experience. Let not your agents’ availability limit the experience that you provide to your customers. Ensure that your agents are always there for your customers with

    • Track Agent Activity
    • Easy access to Customer Details
    • Security
    • Privacy Mobile App -
    Integrations - Integrations

    Integrations contact center platform seamlessly integrates with various CRM’s, ERP’s and Ticketing Software solutions to provide additional features and to create a better experience for your agents as well as your customers.

    • Smart Service Desk -
    • Freshdesk -
    • Zendesk -
    • Microsoft Dynamics -
    • Suite CRM -

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