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    Make Your Remote Support
    More Reliable And Efficient

    Telephone counselling continues to save millions of lives across the world. Easy accessibility is one of the reasons that most distressed individuals reach out to counsellors in this manner. Reaching out for help face-to-face has become very difficult for people undergoing these circumstances, emotional trauma or physical or verbal abuse.
    It thus becomes very important for organizations to make their telephony services very accessible and responsive when they receive distress calls. When it comes to handling such sensitive situations, each second counts. A matter of a few seconds can be the difference between life and death.

    Hence charitable institutes such as iCALL Psychosocial Helpline, which is a field action project of the Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), have decided to adopt our solution – Call Center Software for Non Profit Organizations – to make sure that there are no compromises in the communication between the callers and their counsellors.

    Get Your Remote Handler Now!!

    Get Your Remote Handler Now -

    Get your home based call centre INSTANTLY to run your services without letting your work suffer in these difficult times where COVID-19 is affecting not only our mankind but the economy as well.
    If you want to make it big, you need to have the right tools! A contact center solution that helps steer your brand in the right direction by providing exceptional customer experience.

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    Features That Can Help You Better Respond To Your Callers

    Multi-Channel Integration streamlines conversations on Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, emails, SMS and calls to enable the counsellors to connect to the distressed individual in the most efficient manner. When it comes to handling a sensitive situation, the quicker you respond, the better. Having Call Center Software will significantly reduce the time that it takes to connect to a counsellor through social media, SMS and emails.

    Call Flow Scripts

    Handling a situation where a person has been through physical, verbal or emotional abuse can be quite confusing and overwhelming at times. If not dealt with the right approach, the conversation can turn out to be counterproductive. Call Center Software empowers a counsellor with a call flow script, helping a counsellor to have the right approach while addressing a distressed call.

    Bolstering the Caller-Counsellor Relationship

    While discussing a sensitive situation, it is best that an individual is connected to the same counsellor each time he calls. This will help the individual to have a better connection with the counsellor and makes him feel more comfortable with each progressing conversation. connects a caller to the same counsellor each time he calls.

    Capturing the Feedback of Callers

    Feedback is very valuable. The feedback given by your callers can help you improve your services and give your counsellors insight on how to better handle distress calls. Call Center Software gives the callers an option to leave feedback on the quality of the call.

    An Intelligent IVR

    Minimize the time that it takes to connect callers to your counsellors with intelligent call routing. helps resolve trivial matters without connecting it to a counsellor and intelligently routes distress calls to the right counsellor. Mobile App -

    Get Remote With Us Instantly

    Get your home contact centre with a VPN access. We can help you make it easier by connecting through your mobile phone, so your agents can remotely serve your customers and you also have a log all your call centre interactions.

    Best Solution To Provide Best Service In This Hardships Of COVID-19

    Covid-19 has made an immense devastation to our mankind. Everyone is suffering a lot with this highly spreading virus. It is advised to practise social distancing which is extremely affecting our work as well. So we have come up with a smart solution of using immediately enabling us to serve our clients without any hindrance and mismanagement.

    Best Solution To Provide Best Service In This Hardships Of COVID-19 -

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