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Debt Collections

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Contact Center Software for Banks and Financial Institutions

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    Debt collection is not an easy business. We understand the rules and regulations that a debt management company has to follow. Making even a minor mistake can cost you a lot of money. ensures that you can follow all the regulations to the minutest details. will facilitate the work of your collection agents and give you an edge over your competition.

    Collection Supervisor

    As a debt collection supervisor, your team’s performance is your primary responsibility. Training new agents can be quite a challenge, given the fact that there are many guidelines that need to be followed while making debt collection calls. provides supervisors with the following features:
    Call Center Software For Bank Industry

    Call barge in

    Call Center Software For Bank Industry

    Call snoop

    Call Center Software For Bank Industry

    Call whisper

    Call Center Software For Bank Industry

    Call Conference

    Call Center Software For Bank Industry

    Call Transfer

    Quality Monitoring Supervisor

    The responsibilities of following the guidelines of the government fall squarely on the shoulders of the quality monitoring team. ensures that your quality monitoring team has all the necessary tools to ensure that the debt collection agents follow all the guidelines while making their calls.


    Access all the call recordings between your collection agents and the debtors

    Historical Data

    Access all the call and productivity reports of your collection agents

    Quality Analytics

    Study the recordings of all your collection agents and send scheduled email reports to supervisors

    The More Calls you Make, the More Money you Take!

    Increase calling efficiency, make more calls in less time; skip voicemails and busy lines.
    Suppose, Kirk is one of the best collection agents that you have, but you know that he can do better. He makes calls back to back but wants to improve even further. How can you help him?

    A Proactive Dialer!

    A dialer that makes automatic calls and significantly improves the productivity of your agents. Given are a few features of’s predictive dialer:

    • Detects busy lines and answering machines and avoids it so that you reach straight to an available debtor
    • Places calls without manually dialing
    • Predicts when your call is about to end, and pre-dials numbers

    Automatic payment Reminder & Broadcaster captures the immediate attention of your audience by sending pre-recorded messages and voice recordings to numerous recipients at once. How can it help you?

    • Send reminders to debtors of their upcoming payments
    • Broadcast your services to your potential clients

    Call them when you should!

    Each country has different laws on when you can make debt collection calls. In India, you can make debt-related calls only from 7 am to 9 pm, while in the US, the timings vary from state to state. ensures that you do not make calls on the timings that violate the guidelines of the government.
    Set and run campaigns according to time zones. Don’t get sued by calling at the wrong time at the wrong place.

    DNC List Management

    In the US and many other countries, if a person explicitly requests you not to make calls, it is against the law to call them any further. flags such a contact to ensure that you never accidentally call them again.

    Dynamic Campaign Execution

    Run campaigns according to your requirements and get maximum responses.
    Maximize your team’s productivity! allows you to execute multiple campaigns at one time and consequently optimizes your overall campaign results.

    Intelligent Prompts (CTI Pop-Ups)

    Get information on the debtors while making calls. prompts important information such as:

    • Creditor Name and Information
    • How much money is owed
    • Address details
    • Year of loan
    • Details of previous conversations
    • Other Dynamic Data Display

    Meeting & Callback Scheduler – Handle PTPs Efficiently will help remind your agents of a task that they have to do on a particular day:

    • If your agents have a meeting with their supervisors that they have to attend at a certain time
    • If a debtor promises to pay on a certain day or time

    Assign breaks to your agents

    In debt collection processes, break times need to be well coordinated. Supervisors need to ensure that break timings do not interfere with the everyday campaigns.

    • Set reminders for supervisors when an agents’ break-time ends
    • Route calls to other agents while an agent’s on break
    • Easily track lunch, tea, washroom and other breaks that your agents usually take

    Security at its Best!

    We have designed in such a way that all your customer data is perfectly safe. is compliant to PCI DSS and all other major security standards. Make sure that there isn’t any protocol breach and only authorized personnel is allowed to access the sensitive information of your customers.

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