has been evolving and scaling the customer experience sector. We are not just a service or product-based company but we are also a people’s company. We have great employee strength and are always on the lookout for new talents to join our team.

Culture is an umbrella term but it refers to behaviour and social conduct. At any organization, there are certain values and beliefs that every employee should follow. These form the main base and establishes the goals of the organization which supports the business strategy. You must be thinking that working at an organization always needs to be serious? We are here to break that notion. At, we take pride in our employee culture.

Every employee that works at receives the same amount of benefits. Our work culture is a mix of work, meetings, and activities too. We want all our employees to feel welcomed and take each day with the same vigour. Read further about some of the perks our employees enjoy.


Why is employee culture important?


Benefits of working at

1. Global Clients is having clients spread across the globe, to be exact 300+ clients across 15+ countries. If you join our team, you get to build relationships with existing and potential clients.

2. Maternity & Paternity Leave

Married employees, be it a man or a woman, are eligible to take paternity and maternity leave respectively to take care of their newborn. We do not differentiate in this matter. This time is crucial for new parents and both have the right to leave.

3. Training Programs and Cross Department Learning

We have regular training programs for all the newly hired employees at We also promote cross-department learning. If any employee wishes to take up and learn something new, it is highly appreciated.

4. Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is another aspect that is very much important for a workplace to function. If your employees are not happy, your business will be hampered. To achieve the business goals you need a happy workforce.

Signs of a happy and healthy workforce:

  • Productive and come up with new ideas
  • Take unwanted leaves less frequently
  • Ready to take up new opportunities
  • Less likely to quit their job and willing to grow with the company

Don’t you agree?

Here are some steps on how we are keeping the employee engagement high:

  • Great onboarding experience for the new employees
  • Empower every employee to grow 
  • Open channels of communication to discuss new ideas
  • Appreciate the smallest achievements


Goals of Employee engagement


Every organization aims at increasing the number of star employees and having more engaged employees. There will always be disengaged employees in the organization, but it takes effort to keep everyone engaged. This is where the HR department is important.

Our HR Team is looking for individuals who can be part of our team.

Check out more details here on our careers page.