The contact center industry is always at risk of having unsatisfied customers, owing to spam calls and call drops. Due to the inefficiency of management and reliance on unverified phone numbers, frauds have also increased. Fraudsters misuse the company name and make fraudulent calls which leads to an unpleasant customer experience. 

The lack of branding on calls fails to instil trust in customers. Associating unverified numbers with your brand can erode the confidence required to build customer relationships, negatively impacting conversion rates and customer retention. Also, unverified numbers hinder automated call processes and lengthen the customer abandonment time. 

Thus, it results in call blocks, unanswered calls, dissatisfied customers leading to a lack of trust and safety in business communication.

What are Verified Phone Numbers?

Verified numbers are ‘Verified Badges.’ A Verified number has a verified tick mark icon.
When a user successfully makes their Truecaller account with an appropriate profile name, it becomes a verified number. However, the Verified badge is alloted to a brand’s registered mobile number once Truecaller’s intelligent technology and verification team acknowledges the same.

Verified phone numbers provide credibility to brands and let customers know who is reaching out to them. When businesses use the verified number, a green background and company logo is represented on the Truecaller app. This helps businesses to protect their brand name and stand out in the crowd of unverified calls.

Why get a Verified Number?

A verified phone number can prevent scamming and fraud by eliminating impersonators. This is especially useful in today’s age of deception when scammers often try to impersonate businesses to deceive consumers. A verified phone number can also help improve calling process efficiency.

Verified numbers ensure that the brand and logo of the company are prominently visible while calling so that the potential customer is already aware of who is calling and with the help of call reason understand the context and intent of the call. It instils trust because a verified profile is on display.

The brand details preserve brand identity and authenticity. The transparency of profile and logo display ensures trust amongst the customers.

This also helps businesses to drive rich analytical insights for their calling process.

Getting Verified Business Numbers with Truecaller

Verified numbers have shown improvement in calling process efficiency over unverified calls. To activate Verified Truecaller for Business Identity, get in touch with our business team and get started by submitting the required documentation. In the next 24-48 business hours of the request submission, one of our business consultants will reach out to help you get started.

Features of Truecaller for Business

Truecaller for Business is a special feature by Truecaller where brands can merge trust and safety along with their phone calls. It provides credibility, ensuring that the brand’s reputation is protected from spammers and scammers and that the brand also stands out from the clutter of unverified spam clouds.

Here is how enterprises can benefit :

  • Add trust and safety with Verified Badge: Businesses can now ensure a verified badge is displayed during the calls to safeguard their brand identity and prevent fraudulent usage of brand name. Users can be rest assured that it’s not a scam or spam call.
  • Priority Calling: Get started with Priority Calling, a feature which facilitates businesses that are time-sensitive in nature, to reach out to their consumers at the right time as some calls need immediate response and are treated as urgent.
  • Analytics: Checking the calling patterns becomes easier with the actionable insights offered by analytics of Truecaller for Business. It helps view business numbers,  analyse them, and make appropriate decisions to promote healthy brand calling campaigns. 
  • Call Reason: Call reason flashes a verified business ID along with the reason for the call when it reaches out to its consumers. It helps the customer know the context for calling and enables communication even before the call gets picked. 
  • Network, OS and Device Agnostic Solution: The solution works seamlessly across different operating systems [Android & iOS], network, devices  and dialer types to display caller ID and receivers.


Truecaller for Business has already partnered with thousands of businesses of all kinds in India helping them improve the customer-calling experience and consumer confidence. It is an easy alternative for brand-conscious enterprises seeking a verified identity with a simple verification procedure. It is perfect for enterprises looking to build strong relationships with their customers.

So, why wait any longer? Adopt new solutions based on customer trends to Up your contact strategy.