Calling is considered to be one of the most effective ways to generate quality leads. Many businesses have adopted new technologies to reach out to customers more effectively and made diligent efforts to increase the efficiency and conversion rates of cold calling. While running outbound campaigns, agents spend a lot of time in manual dialing and they keep encountering instances where they get redirected to answering machines, busy lines, and unresponsive numbers. A lot of your employees’ time is wasted on these calls that do not give a valid response and this, in turn, reduces the overall productivity of your agents. Your Agents make hundreds of calls every day, but how productive are these calls? Have they been connected to the right person?

Increased Efficiency:

It is quite simple, the overall outbound efficiency of your organization depends upon the number of calls that your agents make, and out of that, the ones that actually get connected! An automated dialer automatically dodges calls that are busy, the ones that are headed to the answering machine, and the ones that are not available. It also makes automatic calls to customers before the agents become available, to reduce waiting time and increase agent efficiency. With the help of an automated dialer, your conversion rates will soar, because of the simple fact that you have connected to more people on the call.

Make Automatic calls:

The main objective of an automated dialer is to reach out to a maximum number of leads in minimum time. An automated dialer will initiate multiple calls, depending on the probability of customers picking up your call. For example, if only 20% of the calls are usually answered, the automated dialer will dial 5 calls at once, and connect the agent to the customer that answers the call first. A good automated dialer uses machine learning and various other algorithms to calculate the average time that an agent usually takes to wind up a call, and starts dialing numbers accordingly. An automated dialer makes outbound calls a few seconds before the call ends and hence saves the time that an agent has to spend while the phone is still ringing.

Reduced Idle Time:

A call center dialer decreases the time that an agent has to spend on a particular call and will make sure that maximum leads are reached in a very short amount of time. Autodialer Softwares are designed to recognize and eliminate the factors that waste the time of your agents.
If a number is busy or if it is directed to an answering machine, the dialer predicts it and automatically redirects your call to another available number. Predictive dialers efficiently reduce the amount of idle time of the agents and they make sure that maximum productivity is achieved. The number of calls that an agent makes per day is increased and the ROI is significantly increased.

Boost Agent Morale:

Wouldn’t you feel good if you were having better conversion rates for all your calls? Don’t you think it will be frustrating for your agents to make calls the whole day and realize their conversion rates aren’t that great? Due to features of the auto-dialer software, the number of calls made per day by your agents will increase and hence your conversion rates will also significantly improve. With the increasing conversion rates, the morale of your agents will also consequently get boosted and you will see a trend of high conversions set in your organization.

Call Back Scheduling & Reminders:

Your agents usually juggle with a lot of things on an everyday basis. Many a times they tend to forget about the callbacks and follow ups that they schedule after concluding a meeting or making a call. An auto dialer software allows you to assign call backs so that you never miss any important follow up or meeting. An agent receives a reminder at the scheduled time of the call-back, or else, when agents log into their system, they receive a pop-up list of all the call-backs. They have the option to place a call immediately, or schedule it for later.

Filter-Based Calling:

Certain products or services can be more effectively sold in only certain areas. Selling an IT product in an ‘IT Hub’ such as Bangalore, would make a lot of sense than selling it in an area that is not well developed, or while selling a product to a business, it would make more sense to target a decision-making age group than targeting a younger crowd. Auto dialer softwares can help businesses set filters based on a certain geography, specific age or any other demographics which can help you get maximum results.

Campaign Management:

With the help of an auto dialer software, you can run multiple campaigns from the same login ID. You can customize campaigns based on the time zone, call volume, DNC Lists, disposition rules and dialing mode to execute your marketing plan the way that you wish to. Also, you can grant permissions to agents in multiple campaigns at the same time.

Reports & Analytics:

Proper reporting and analytics can positively impact the way that you run your campaigns. An auto dialer software helps you make data-driven decisions to increase your conversions and transform the way that you run your campaigns. Get proper reports of the campaign such as campaign summary, call details, agent reports and real-time tracking of calls.
A good contact center solution will always be equipped with a variety of features to help you deliver the best customer experience and empower you to amplify your marketing efforts. Choosing the right contact center solution for your organization can be that factor which makes or breaks your long-term marketing efforts. A contact center solution such as has an outstanding outbound process and a robust auto dialer software. It can be customized according to your business needs, to give you maximum output for all your efforts. A good contact center solution can be that game-changer which your organization might be looking for.