How COVID-19 has Lead to Innovations in the Call Center Industry

While it still may be too early to write about the year that was 2020, but one thing is a given, and it’s the fact that it has changed the way we work and will go down in history where many organizations rose to the challenges that the pandemic threw at them. It forced businesses to take up digital solutions to ensure that employees could work from the safety and comfort of their homes, which, ever since the pandemic, has become the new norm, barring a few sectors.

The Growing Dependence on Cloud Computing:

The pandemic brought about a lot of challenges, especially for the global call center industry, as it was among the industries that were impacted the heaviest. Many companies found it challenging to manage the high number of calls and communicating with the employees who were placed remotely. As the demand for new applications and software increased, to avoid having to deal with the challenges, companies such as Intalk rose to the occasion and through creative and innovative thinking came up with call center automation software that made remote working not just possible, but speedy and efficient, without negatively impacting the quality of resolution and the time is taken to provide the said resolution.

Softwares that Enable Monitoring:

In many instances, calls at a contact center tend to get disconnected due to various technical issues and while monitoring these issues while at work can be easy, the same can get extremely challenging when monitoring calls of employees who are remotely located. In such situations, having a call monitoring system in place will help management and operations to keep tabs on the number of calls that are received or made by the employees and the number of calls that end up getting disconnected. It will also help to keep track of the number of repeat calls and to ensure that the same does not adversely impact the quality of resolution provided to the customers.

Login Management:

While agents may have access to software that can help them with providing their customers with resolutions, there also needs to be a system in place that helps agents ensure that they log in on time and completed the required number of work hours. The software also needs to ensure that the team leader does not need to micro-manage these factors while letting them focus on handling escalation calls if any. It also ensures that based on data, you have the maximum number of agents logged in, especially at peak hours, thus ensuring that the number of calls in the queue is less, thus reducing the wait time for agents.
At Intalk, we have ensured that through effective software and applications, those agents can manage calls effectively and provide customers with answers and solutions in the most time-bound manners possible.