Running BPO operations, or taking care of services like outsourced customer support, can be complicated. Whether you’re just starting a new operation or running BPO operations for a while, keeping agents motivated, clients happy and improving communication is critical. And now, the pandemic changed the whole game of launching Work From Home (WFH) Operations. It has created a vast array of challenges for the BPO industry; lengthy processes, team communication, training remotely, managing SLAs & Compliance issues. It changed the way we work from our desks putting into question where we can place the bet on the work from the home channel. As we move into a future where agents can work from anywhere, having the right fit contact center solution is the key to moving fast and providing a great customer experience.

Even with an increasing number of technology-enabled WFH operations, most companies are still relying on outsourcing. is your go-to partner to build and run a flawless BPO operation. It offers advanced BPO Features:

  1. One single screen to manage all voice & digital interactions that include calls, SMS, social media & WhatsApp
  2. Manage last-minute IVR requests with a drag & drop IVR Designer
  3. Enhanced scrubbing functionalities through in-built DNC scrubbing tool
  4. Multiple dialling modes such as preview, predictive, auto-preview manual, blaster, click to dial, progressive, multiple phone dialling, callback dialling and more
  5. Seamless integration with multiple ticketing and CRM systems
  6. Ability to run multiple processes on a single tenant with secured access for each client

Read on to learn more about how helped MIBS Myanmar improve its operational efficiency and migrate to a work from home environment.

MIBS Myanmar was looking at a contact center solution that could offer functionalities tailored for each of its processes, such as multilingual IVR, integration with social media, script designer and much more.

About: Mascon International Business Services (MIBS) is the largest IT/ITES company in Myanmar. It has 1000+ employees and a rapidly growing family. With its key policies to empower, train, and engage local youth for development and employment, MIBS is delighted to bring global best practices and exposure to all its team members. 

Business Challenges Faced by MIBS Myanmar

Being one of the biggest BPOs in Myanmar, MIBS was looking at a solution that could handle multiple processes and not restrict it from being agile and interoperable with its client systems. Like any other BPO, MIBS Myanmar faced challenges such as data management, high attrition, ability to serve customers through new age channels such as Facebook Messenger.

The solution experts at analyzed the processes of MIBS Myanmar and designed the solution to match its existing and growing needs. was delivered as an on-premise solution with unique capabilities to support the dynamic BPO environment:

  • The IVR designed with multilingual capabilities, including English & Burmese languages enabling language-based call routing.
  • A one-screen agent desktop delivered to handle multiple channels such as calls, SMS, and Facebook Messenger. 
  • A single platform was deployed in multi-tenancy mode, enabling MIBS to run multiple processes on a single infrastructure.
  • The MIBS team can add dynamic fields into the CRM form through CRM design and use the CRM data for internal & external needs.
  • The solution offers blended mode (i.e. inbound and outbound) with all possible dialling modes. 
  • MIBS also uses the script designer functionality of that makes it easy to create and run multiple agent scripts.
  • Administrators can configure multi-level dispositions thus, enhancing call tagging.
  • Supervisors can monitor performance in real-time via dashboards and design their analytical reports. 



When the pandemic struck, MIBS Myanmar had to shift its operations to Work From Home. While this was a challenging time for everyone, we completed the migration to WFH in three days through a two-call setup where customer calls are patched to the agent’s mobile phone at home. 

During the time of crisis, was a saviour, and MIBS was able to serve its customers when they needed it the most.


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