For most businesses, attracting and converting leads is a crucial part of day-to-day operations. To ensure you’re heard above the noise of competition, it’s important that you implement cutting-edge outbound call performance strategies with your virtual call center software.

But while you focus on improving outbound call performance i.e. growing your call connects and pick-up rate, you should not ignore the privacy and regulatory mandates, which often include setting up a Do Not Call list and using technology to spam-block numbers.

The best way to reach your prospects is through telemarketing, which involves using outbound call center software to make phone calls to your target audience and convincing them that your service or product is the right choice for them. Although this is a tricky activity, is here to help you.

Here are some tips for increasing your chances of connecting with your intended customer:

  1. Connect with the right audience

Any product or service always has an intended consumer target audience. The main goal for any business is to understand the audience. You need to target customers based on what they want and need. Having a good idea about consumer preferences makes it easier for businesses to connect with their target customers. As a business, calling the right prospect customer at the right time can help you increase your call connect and pickup rate. This includes having a healthy and regularly scrubbed database.

  1. Automate Call Center Dialer

Save up your outbound agent’s time by implementing an automated dialling process which is possible with an outbound call centre dialer software. It is more than an automatic dialing system, as it helps increase agent efficiency and call quality by ensuring that only connected calls reach the agents. It also presents valuable analytical insights, such as the number of outbound calls and which channels are used most often to make outbound calls. The right call tracking software enables agents to focus on closing sales or finding new customers, instead of trying hard-to-locate phone numbers.

  1. Verified numbers with Truecaller for business

Caller ID services can help businesses project a unified brand image. The Turecaller for business verified business badge is one example of this strategy. But Turecaller offers more than a way to project your brand. It helps to analyse calling patterns thus letting businesses gather actionable insights and make new strategic plans based on calling patterns.

  1. Omnichannel contact center strategy

The best way to guarantee a successful call pickup rate is to make sure you have a comprehensive and targeted contact strategy. You should define who your target personas are and reach out to them via different channels or media. For example, don’t rely solely on phone calls for your initial contact with a prospect. Reach out to them on social media, websites, and in other business publications as well. This will help ensure that you are approaching prospects at an opportune time, and when they are most likely to be receptive to your message.

  1. Set and track outbound KPIs

To improve call center agent performance, start by measuring its elements. You cannot know what to fix or improve without first knowing where you need to improve in your contact center solution. This is why it’s important to set benchmarks, track KPIs and score calls. You can start by setting outbound KPIs for your contact center agents. Determine these goals by evaluating your business objectives, as well as your team’s strengths and weaknesses. Make a note to have KPIs that are specific, measurable and reasonable. Once you have determined your KPIs, track them on a regular basis — daily or weekly.


The call connect and pickup rate is one of the key metrics used to measure the success and elevate the performance of a contact center. It helps you determine how effective your agents are at answering inbound calls and how quickly they can provide callers with a solution.

  • A high call connect rate means that your contact center agents are able to answer customer queries in a timely manner and the customers need not wait for long for a solution. This greatly improves the customer experience.
  • A low call connect rate suggests that customers are getting frustrated with your outbound calls and that some might even be hanging up out of anger or frustration. This could negatively impact your brand and sales performance.

Also, make sure you have enough contact center agents to handle the volume of outbound calls. The problem is, with the existing hiring pool, it’s often difficult to find enough qualified agents who can convince a varied set of prospects for hours at a time on a daily basis. Don’t be afraid to train your contact center agents on how to best handle these situations. A little bit of coaching will go a long way in helping them feel more confident when taking high-volume calls.

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