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    • Our Client - Bahrain Specialist Hospital
    • Our Client - HDFC
    • Our Client - Airtel
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    Features of
    Medical Supplies Support Solution

    Our aim is to help your medical supplies business grow. Whether you sell diagnostic equipment, durable medical equipment, surgical supplies, or another category, a 24-hour answering service for your medical supplies business helps you capture more leads and your customers complete more orders.

    • Easy Deployment
    • Seamless HIS, CRM and Chatbot Integration
    • Order Booking and Fulfillment
    • Automated Broadcasting
    • Multi-Channel Interaction
    • CTI Pop-Ups
    • Easy Deployment
    • Seamless HIS, CRM and Chatbot Integration
    • Appointment Booking
    • Automated Broadcasting
    • Multi-Channel Interaction
    • CTI Pop-Ups

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    How can help?

    Get 4X Healthcare Leads

    Automated Broadcast

    Capture the immediate attention of your audience by sending pre-recorded messages and voice notifications to numerous recipients at once through voice and SMS

    Chatbot Integration

    An AI-powered chatbot that will be the perfect assistant to your website. Generate leads even in the absence of your agents

    Predictive dialing

    Eliminate manual dialing; make multiple calls at one time and reach out to maximum leads in minimum time

    Simplify Order Fulfillments

    Sticky Agent connects your customers to the same agent each time they call, so that they feel comfortable and connected during each conversation.

    CTI Pop-Ups makes available all the information of your customers easily, to ensure that you never feel out of place when you interact with your customers.

    Multi-channel Interaction provides a single interface for your agents to allow them to respond to customers on voice, SMS, social media and emails.

    Having Limited Resources?

    Intelligent IVR – routes calls to your agents only if it deserves their attention. With the help of automation and self-service, resolves trivial customer queries effectively on its own.
    Chatbot integration – Helps you give a 24/7 online presence and a more professional look.

    Understanding customer behavior and trends helps you understand your customers’ experience after every interaction. Customer satisfaction surveys that will help your business realize the behavior and expectations of your customers in a more holistic way.

    Our Recognitions in the CX Arena

    ChannelWorld Premier 100 Awards & Symposium 2017

    Honorable Mention at CIOReviewIndia, June 2019

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