Industry: Food Tech Services Sector

Headquarters: Mumbai


Rebel Foods is the world’s largest internet restaurant company, and by a wide margin. At 1500+ individual internet restaurants, in 18 Indian cities, they have indeed come a long way in the last few years. Rebel Foods operates brands such as Fasoos, Behrouz Biriyani, Oven Story, Firangi Bake, Mandarin Oak, etc.

Business Challenges Faced By Rebel Foods:

Rebel Foods had outsourced their contact center operations to a BPO. The BPO was using an open-source solution. Our initial audit revealed that there were certain problems in handling the operations.

The Problems Faced by the BPO Were:

  • Quality of resources of the inbound call management software
  • Solution downtime
  • Lack of connectivity
  • Inability to handle surplus calls by the call center dialer software
  • Lack of proper reporting in the contact center platform
  • Management of the contact center platform

Solution Provided:

We provided them with a call center dialer software that pulls customer numbers in real-time from their CRM, added an interface from their CRM itself; we also added an automatic dialing feature, gave insights such as call recording, waiting time, call duration and added a chrome browser-based WebRTC calling feature.

Key Features & Functionalities Delivered:

  • API integration with their homegrown CRM
  • WebRTC based system interface
  • Our contact center platform provided a chrome browser system interface
  •’s call center dialer software automated all outbound processes for Rebel Foods
  • Increased telephony system efficiency

Client’s Requirements

  • A centralized in-house contact center platform which would be capable of handling all their 12 brands, across all the branches.
  • Integration with the CRM – All details of telephony integrated into their CRM.
  • A contact center platform solution that can allow a select number of agents to handle all brands seamlessly.
  • A reliable contact center platform solution
  • A contact center platform solution that can empower agents to take calls via PRI lines, mobile phones, and standard desktops.

Results Obtained:

  • The first call resolution rate (FCR) was improved by 47%
  • Agent Handle Time reduced by 32%
  • Empowered with the ability to track the total number of calls and missed calls
  • Significant Improvement in business growth
  • The software installed, had a real-time dashboard, delivering valuable and unified customer information

Customer Testimonial:

Client Story -

“We couldn’t have found a better contact center solution to help us independently handle all the customer queries across all our 12 brands. seamlessly integrated into our existing CRM, making available all the details of the telephony in our CRM itself and providing us with exceptional reporting and monitoring abilities. We have witnessed a tremendous growth in productivity – around 29% – after employing as our contact center solution. I would personally recommend for all businesses that would like to enhance their customer experience..”

Mr. Mukhtar Ansari
Associate Vice President – Information Technology & Infrastructure – Rebel Foods

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