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There is a time for action and a time to sit back and analyze

A good Call Monitoring Software collects all data from your previous campaigns and helps you make smarter, data-driven decisions for more effective future campaigns.’s call center reporting software empowers agents with necessary metrics to help them improve their performance; supervisors and managers with reports and analytics of their team’s performance so that they can guide their agents towards an increased FCR (First Call Resolution) and a reduced AHT (Agent Handling Time).

Call Monitoring Software -
  • Agent Perspective

    Did you know? Your agents are looking for ways to improve! Supervisors are usually responsible for monitoring so many agents, that providing pointers to individual agents can be very difficult.’s Multi-Purpose Agent Dashboard empowers your agents all the necessary metrics to help themselves:

    Contribute to Self Improvement – Reporting and Analytics:

    Empower your agents with the right metrics that will help them make evaluations to contribute to their own productivity and improvement. Give your agents the right tools and watch them excel!’s call center reporting software provides all the metrics necessary to help agents improve, such as:

    Total Calls

    Total Outbound Calls

    Total Inbound Calls

    Total Missed Calls

    Average Outbound Talk Time

    Average Inbound Talk Time
    Total Outbound calls

    While running a marketing campaign, each call made can bring you closer to your sales target! Help your agents track total outbound calls to help them know where they stand.

    Total Inbound Calls

    Customer service is the backbone of your company.’s call center reporting software allows your agents to track the number of calls that they receive so that they can strengthen the overall customer experience.

    Total Missed Calls

    Every call counts! A call center reporting software that helps your agents track the number of calls that they have missed and provide them an opportunity to improve their performance.

    Total Calls

    A call center reporting software that helps your agents track the total number of calls – inbound, outbound and missed.

    Average Outbound Talk Time

    A call center reporting software that empowers your agents to track the average outbound talk time.

    Average Inbound Talk Time

    A call center reporting software that helps your agents track the average inbound talk time.

    Track Service Level & Other Key Performance Indicators – Reporting and analytics:

    Don’t we love it when everything can be measured down to the smallest detail? Key Performance Indicators will help you create a blueprint for success.’s call center reporting software helps your agents keep a track on the following KPIs so that they can evaluate where they are lagging behind and make improvements accordingly:

    Service Level Agreement (SLA)

    Script Adherence

    Average Handling Time (AHT)

    Disposition Summary

    Login History
    Service Level Agreement (SLA) – Reporting and Analytics:

    One of the most important KPIs that a call center has to consider is the Service Level Agreement (SLA). There is an expected number of seconds that an agent is supposed to answer a certain percentage of calls. For example, your agents are expected to receive 80% of the calls within 20 seconds.’s call center reporting software helps your agents maintain their SLAs with metrics such as Average Outbound Talk Time, Average Inbound Talk time, etc.

    Script Adherence: – Reporting and Analytics:

    Most of the businesses that outsource their calling to contact centers expect the agents to follow a certain script on how they handle incoming calls. Every business has different requirements and a certain set of queries that are relevant to their field. These scripts give agents an idea of how to deal with the incoming calls effectively.

    Average Handling Time (AHT) – Reporting and analytics:

    Most call centers expect agents to wrap up a call within a certain time.’s call center reporting software helps your agents track the Average Handling Time (AHT) of calls with the help of metrics such as waiting for a call, on-hold, on-call, etc.

    Disposition Summary – Reporting and analytics:

    For certain contact centers, the disposition of calls is one of the main Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). For example, out of 50 calls that the agent handles, he may be expected to resolve 20 calls in the first contact.’s call center reporting software allows your agents to add disposition labels based on the final status of the call and empowers your agents to evaluate their performance based on these dispositions.

    Login History – Reporting and analytics:

    Most call centers measure KPIs based on calls per hour made by an agent. With this metric, your agents will get a fair idea of how much time they have been active and the time that they have spent on productive and unproductive breaks.

    The agents will get an idea of the amount of time they spend attending calls and being unproductive, and make necessary changes in their schedule in order to meet the expectations of these KPIs.

    Serve your Customers Better – Reporting and Analytics:

    Customer experience can be summarized in these two simple points – getting it done quickly and getting it done right. One of the most key parameters to keep in mind as a decision-maker is the customer satisfaction score. Having the right tools to ensure that you keep the CSAT score high, should be one of your major concerns as a business owner or a key decision-maker.’s call center reporting software empowers an agent with the following features to help them improve customer satisfaction and the overall customer happiness:

    Multi-Channel Interaction Handling

    CTI Pop-Ups

    Call Queueing
    Multi-Channel Interaction Handling – Reporting and Analytics:’s call center reporting software provides a single platform to handle interactions through various channels. An agent can access channels such as social media, voice, email, SMS, and webchat, right on their dashboard.

    • Facebook and Twitter
    • Email
    • Voice
    • SMS
    • Webchat
    CTI pop-ups – Reporting and Analytics:

    As soon as an incoming call lands, the agent dashboard will display all the necessary customer information. This helps your agents have more relevant and context-driven conversations, contributes to the overall agent productivity and adds to improving the customer satisfaction score (CSAT).

    Call Queueing – Reporting and Analytics:

    A dashboard that helps your agents keep track of all the calls that are in the queue. This gives your agents an idea of the number of calls that are on queue and to make decisions according to the priorities of the campaign that they are involved in.

  • Supervisor Reporting

    The role of a supervisor is very crucial. The performance of the entire team rests in the hands of a supervisor. It then becomes necessary to empower a supervisor with all the important metrics of the call center. Not only the ongoing performance of the team, but also the past reports and analytics to help them improve and make changes in their strategies accordingly.’s call center reporting software provides supervisors with various metrics, arranged in the most elaborate and organized fashion, to help them better interpret the information and make informed and intelligent decisions.

    Real-Time Reporting – Reporting and Analytics:

    Real-time reporting helps your supervisors get a clear picture of the ongoing operations of your organization. Your agents might be overextending their break, may need help in dealing with an important client, or a campaign might have a sudden surge in activity. The right tools are necessary to equip supervisors and managers with the information necessary to make swift yet accurate decisions.

    Live Monitoring of Agent Status – Reporting and Analytics:

    Call center activities are continuous and spontaneous. As a manager, having the right tools to monitor all the ongoing activities can help you tip the scales in your favor. Keep a tab on all the activities of your agents and ensure maximum productivity of all your agents.

    • Logged-in Agents
    • Agents on Break
    • Agents on Call
    • Agents waiting for a Call
    • Agents on Auto-Call Off
    Real-Time Training & Call Quality Management – Reporting and Analytics:

    There are times when your agents wouldn’t be able to handle a certain situation;’s call center reporting software allows you to become a part of the conversation with the help of call conferencing, or you can guide your agents discreetly with the help of Call Whisper. Features such as Call Snoop and Call Barge-in can also be useful in monitoring Call quality. Training your agents through these tools eventually can lead to an increased First Call Resolution (FCR) rate and increase your Net Promoter Score (NPS) of your company.

    • Call Barge-in
    • Call snoop
    • Call conference
    • Call Whisper
    Queue Priority Control & Resource Management – Reporting and Analytics:

    Managing multiple campaigns is not easy. There may be times where your agents are on-queue on a campaign which is low on activity or one of your campaigns is so high on activity that you need additional agents for support.’s call center reporting software helps you monitor the activities of all your agents and helps you recognize which campaign has more activity and prioritize and direct your agents to the queues which are high on activity and needs more attention.

    • Check which campaign an agent is assigned to
    • Switch an agent from a particular campaign
    • Check if an agent is on Call, on Hold or Waiting, etc
    Call Status – Reporting and analytics:

    A Call Monitoring software that helps you monitor the overall activities of calls and allows you to check whether a call is on queue, on-hold or whether it is ringing.’s call center reporting software helps you to prioritize calls and manage your resources according to your requirements.

    • Live calls
    • Ringing calls
    • Waiting calls
    • Calls on Hold


    When the right data is presented in the right manner, you can make the connections which can
    be the winning moves for your organization.

    A call center usually has a lot of metrics. The more important matter at hand is, how you can use these metrics to make positive contributions to your organization and improve the overall productivity.

    Taking major business decisions is not easy. The most appropriate questions to ask when you are focusing on improving your customer experience could be these:

    Are we meeting the expected SLAs?

    When it comes down to business, you have to do what it takes to meet the SLAs. But is it so easy to figure it out? There are so many factors and metrics that can cause the overall performance of your campaigns to be affected. Do you have enough agents to handle the calls? Is your agents’ performance up to the mark? Or is it some other factor that is affecting the overall performance of your calling?’s call center reporting software summarizes all the necessary information so that you can analyze the factors that are causing a hindrance for you to meeting your SLAs.

    • Service level Percentage
    • The average speed of Answer
    • Total Calls Offered
    How can the Average Handle Time (AHT) be reduced?

    One of the major KPIs that a call center has to maintain is the Average Handle Time (AHT). It is the average amount of time that an agent spends to resolve the query of a particular customer.’s call center reporting software provides you with the necessary metrics to help you keep track of the average handle time of a particular campaign.

    With the help of these metrics, a supervisor can assess the factors which hold back the performance of your agents.

    • Average Handling Time
    • Total After Call Work (Wrap Up)
    • Total Talk Time
    • Average Hold Time
    Customer Satisfaction (CSAT)

    Your customer’s happiness is one of the important factors that reflects the overall productivity of your organization. Having a low AHT or high agent efficiency is not sufficient. It is important that your customers are thoroughly satisfied with the experience that they have.’s call center reporting software provides a survey after every interaction so that your customers can rate their experience. The information is then presented as a graph to help you get a clearer picture of all the information.

    Is my staff not performing well or are we understaffed?

    When the numbers are not up to the mark you always have that one question, ‘Are we not trying hard enough or are we not enough?’’s call center reporting software empowers you all the metrics required to make a fair evaluation.

    The ‘Average Delay Before Abandon’ will help you realize the amount of time your customers wait until they abandon the call. If the ‘Average Delay Before Answered’ is more than that, you can focus more of your resources in that particular campaign

    • Average Delay Before Answered:
    • Longest Delay Before Answered:
    • Average Delay Before Abandon
    • Longest Delay Before Abandon

    Well organized information always helps one make better interpretations; our mind is hardwired that way. Graphs summarize a lot of information in one visual.

    Presenting information in graphs and charts will help supervisors better understand the factors that hinder the growth of their employees and give them the insights that can help them improve.’ call center reporting software provides graphs and metrics to help supervisors get an overview of all the calling operations.

    • Voice Calls Trend: The total number of Inbound, Outbound and Missed calls in a particular week.
      • Average Call Duration Trend: The average time your agents spend on calls on a particular day.
      • Total Calls Per hour: Total calls made by your agents per hour
      • Average Call Duration Per hour: The average time your agents spend on-call per hour
      • Non-Connected Calls: The total number of calls that have not connected
      • Customer Happiness: An Index that helps you evaluate your customers’ satisfaction with the interactions that they have with you

    Historical Reports – Reporting and Analytics:

    The storehouse for all the details that you will ever need for your call center.

    Historical Reports can have various use cases. Historical reports consist of a large volume of data can be used for training purposes, compliance purposes and These reports range from disposition reports, agent productivity reports, call detail reports, script reports, and others.

    Key factors –

    Inbound metrics and Outbound Metrics – Reporting and Analytics:

    Get a comprehensive report of all the metrics required to help you make informed decisions.’s call center reporting software helps you make decisions on how to distribute your resources to attain maximum productivity:

    • Inbound Performance Reports
    • Abandoned Calls Report
    • Missed Call Reports
    • Voicemail Report
    • Auto Call Distribution Detail Report
    • Campaign Call Distribution Summary Report
    Outbound Metrics
    • Manual Outbound Performance Report
    • CallBack Report
    Agent Productivity – Reporting and Analytics:

    Your agents are your biggest assets, and focusing on their improvement must be your foremost priority.’s call center reporting software provides you with all the necessary metrics needed to give your agents insights for their improvement.

    Break reports help you keep a tab on the time that an agent spends on breaks. Ensure that the agents do not violate company policies by extending their break times.

    Poor FCR rate, Long wrap-up times and a Low CSAT score may indicate low performance. The supervisor can then monitor the voice recordings of the agent and identify areas in which the agent can improve.

    Metrics that help measure their performance.

    • Total Average Talk Time
    • Average Wrap up time
    • Average Handling Time
    • Productive and Non-Productive Breaks
    • Auto Outbound Call Handle
    • Inbound Call Handle Time
    • Manual Outbound Call Handle Time
    • Total Transfer Calls
    • Auto Call Off
    • Total Ringing
    • Login Duration
    • Total Talk Time
    • Total Disposition Time
    Disposition Summary Report – Reporting and Analytics:

    Disposition allows your agents to update the final outcome of every call.

    A disposition summary report helps you determine the interactions that used a certain disposition code at a particular time. This report helps you study the outcomes of all the calls of your agents. This can help you determine whether your agents require a change in strategy with regards to how they interact with the customers.

    Call detail Reports – Reporting and Analytics:

    A complete report on all the call activity over the recent past. Regulatory bodies in many countries have policies that expect you to have all the data of the past few years with you. This data can also help you resolve any issues or conflicts that arise within your organization.
    If a matter has been escalated, these reports can be used to ensure accountability of the concerned parties.The following metrics are displayed the call detail reports:

    • Call time
    • Customer name
    • Campaign Name
    • Agent Name
    • Duration
    • Call Disposition
    • Recording
    • Remark
    • Inbound/Outbound
    Report Scheduler & Exporting Reports – Reporting and Analytics:

    We do not let you be limited to our application.’s call center reporting software helps you analyze data in external applications as well. The data of all the can be converted into PDF, CSV and JSON formats. allows you to send all the reports of your business operations to your email on a daily, weekly or monthly basis according to your business requirements.

  • Wallboard

    There may be times when your primary focus is overviewing and ensuring the success of a particular campaign, or when you simply wish to ensure that your team is achieving maximum productivity.

    A wallboard helps you collate all important information of your ongoing operations so that your management can map a direction for the team.

    Displayed on an LCD or a huge screen, your agents and your supervisors can get a complete overview, and work towards the success of the particular campaign at hand.

    A Real-Time Experience – Reporting and Analytics:

    The wallboard auto updates information of all the operations of the call center on a real-time basis. The metrics defined can be customized according to your requirements and business use-case. Monitor the calls on queue, calls on hold, available agents and others accordingly.

    Keep a tab on the SLAs – Reporting and Analytics:

    Meeting SLAs can be one of the single most important aspects while running a call center. can help your team keep a track on the SLA of a particular campaign, so that they can make changes or improvements in their operations and strategies according to their SLA requirements. The team can also be updated if there are any changes or setbacks in the SLAs.

    Monitor the Average Handle Time – Reporting and Analytics:

    Another KPI that will matter the most may be Average Handle Time. The Wallboard displays the average handle time to the entire team so that they can work towards one goal and achieve the target that they have in mind.

    Customize at your Will – Reporting and Analytics:

    There are many things that need your focus and you need to work on it.

    Businesses keep changing their focus according to their requirements, the metrics that you measure must also change accordingly! Customize the wallboard according to your needs and add filters depending upon your business use case.


A Comprehensive Dashboard -

A Comprehensive Dashboard

A Call Center Reporting Software that helps you get reports of all the conversations that you have with customers on different channels of engagements such as voice, email, SMS, and Social Media. A well-presented dashboard to help you have a quick analysis of all the vital business operations. allows you to view the details of callers that are lined up in the queue and helps you keep a tab on all the activities of your agents.

Call Center Operation Monitoring Software -

Campaign & Operations Monitoring

A call monitoring software that helps you get an overview of all the operations and marketing campaigns for better decision making. Plan your marketing strategies by evaluating the data of your previous campaigns and enforce changes in the areas that can benefit you the most. Also, keep a tab on metrics such as call recording, call analysis reports and others.

Access & Exclusion Control Protocols -

Access & Exclusion Control Protocols

Your audit team and your quality team may need different reports and statistics to accomplish their tasks. allows you to configure access & exclusion protocols to provide skill-based access to employees. A call center analytics software that provides specific rights to specific employees.

Call SLA Indicators -

Call SLA Indicators

A Call Center Analytics Software that allows you to track call SLAs to help you maintain complete transparency between you and your clients.

Historical Reports & Real-time Dashboard -

Historical Reports

A call center analytics software that helps you retrieve all the reports of conversations with your customers for compliance purposes. These reports are saved in highly secure databases to ensure maximum security of customer information.

Automated Reporting and Scheduling -

Automated Reporting and Scheduling

A Call Center Reporting Software that generates automatic reports based on the ongoing operational activities and the performance of your team. Configure report-based notifications and alerts according to your business requirements.

“Those who fail to learn from history are condemned to repeat it.” -Winston Churchill
Contact Center Reporting & Analytics -

Gain Valuable Insights to Make Data-Driven Decisions

Contact centers need comprehensive data and metrics to have a proper plan of action for the future. With, you can track the performance of your agents, get insights on the ongoing campaigns and keep a tab on many other activities. provides advanced and sophisticated reporting and analytics to empower you to make sound decisions that can drive your sales and strengthen your customer relationships.

Frequently Asked Questions

As a supervisor, how can help me?

Benefits of call monitoring software for Supervisors:

A call monitoring software such as has elaborated reporting features. It has a separate login for supervisors that displays real-time reporting, analytics and historical reports to help you gain deep insights into all the activities of your agents.

Can I track SLAs and other important metrics in a call monitoring software?

A call monitoring software helps you track SLA and other important KPIs such as Agent Handling Time, Average speed of Answer, Average hold time, First call resolution etc. This helps you figure out the overall productivity of your team and helps you make better, data-driven decisions.

Does a call monitoring software provide agent productivity reports, call detail reports and other important reports?

Yes, a call monitoring software such as provides a comprehensive agent productivity report and call detail report.
Other reports include Inbound Performance Reports, Abandoned Calls Report, Missed Call Reports, Voicemail Report, Auto Call Distribution Detail Report, Campaign Call Distribution Summary Report, Manual Outbound Performance Report and CallBack Report. These reports can be exported to your email ID in PDF, CSV or JSON formats.

Does a call monitoring software have different logins for agents, supervisors and admins?

Yes, a call monitoring software such as provides a separate login portal for agents, supervisors and admins. The information and accessibility on all these portals vary according to the requirements and responsibilities of the given user.

Does have wallboard features?

Yes, we do install wallboards. Wallboards collate all important metrics such as average handling time, SLA, Average speed of answer etc. These metrics can be changed and customized according to your will and can be displayed on an LCD screen or a projector screen for better visibility.

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