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    Salesforce has revolutionized the way business functions on a day to day basis and has enabled businesses around the globe to have all their departments work in tandem. An American software that not only hosts all your data on one single interface but also gives you a bird’s eye view of your business. Adopted by over 150,000 organizations with 2.5 million satisfied users, Salesforce has helped organizations keep their agents and customers happy.

    Salesforce Integration – A Call Center Integration with

    Organization has been using Salesforce for a long period of time and it smoothly fits their business ecosystem. However, there is a constant void of a specific function. Salesforce CRM has been a blessing to many organizations, but it lacks the calling feature. A calling feature can be an added benefit for your business as you will grow your client base over a period of time. This problem can be quickly resolved with a Salesforce call center integration. A calling feature enabled CRM can instantly make calls and help the user to get their job done seamlessly. is the software that will fill in the void and add to the benefits of a CRM.

    Easiest Sign-on Feature

    We all know that it takes a lot of time, energy and money to teach the agents how to use Salesforce efficiently and a lot of training goes behind it. You must be wondering, why would you want to again go through that gruesome process and loose out of man hours by training your agents again for a new software. Well, with you don’t have to spend much time teaching your agents how to use our software. We integrate our software with Salesforce, it will have all the features of embedded into its user interface saving a lot of time of your agents. With a single sign-on feature your agents will be able to sign into with the help of the Salesforce interface making the entire setup turn into a Salesforce call center.

    Salesforce Call Center – Click to Call Functionality

    The click to call functionality will help your agents place calls from the Salesforce interface as post integration, the number on the screen will become clickable. This will save a lot of time for the agents as opposed to manually dialling the numbers and at time causing errors in the process as it is a very tedious job. This will have a positive change in the overall productivity of the agents as well as they will now focus on what actually matters.

    Salesforce Call Center – CTI Pop-up

    The most effective mode of communication with your customer is the one-on-one voice conversation. It makes the customer feel special and they feel that the company actually is serious about their business. This also helps in troubleshooting problems and suggest the customer the right type of product according to their needs. A Salesforce call center CTI pop-up will feed your agent with all the valuable information about the customer that will help him during the call. It will display the history of the customer, their preferences and other useful insights that will enhance the quality of the call.

    Salesforce Call Center – Voice Logs and Reports

    Your business is as good as your front line, i.e your agents. Your agent’s ability to communicate and help the customer will define how long your customer will stay with you. It is crucially important to train your agents so that they can serve your customers better for you. With the help of Salesforce call center, you can listen to voice logs of your agents and optimize the process on the go. It gives you a better picture of what your agents have to deal with and what are the consistent queries that arise so that you can troubleshoot it. You can extract reports and analyse them to course correct your approach in order to amplify your revenue.

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