The CX sector is changing and updating with the newest technologies. is upgrading the omnichannel customer interaction platform to suit the needs of these ever-changing scenarios. With lockdowns opening up, employees are expected to be on the move. Thus, one of the aptest features is the mobile application for an Outbound Contact Center. Mobile App allows contact center agents to work virtually anywhere and anytime. It is a handy Outbound Contact Center that contains task-focused information and gets the job done. It is useful for employees who are on the move like the sales team who are meeting customers. The app gives them the ability to update notes on the mobile app. It also helps relationship managers to whom calls might have to be diverted.


Benefits of having an Outbound Contact Center – Mobile App


 1. Seamless Customer Service

Deliver exceptional customer service with the Outbound Contact Center – Mobile App. Your relationship manager can place outbound calls from virtually anywhere. No client calls can be missed, which builds customer loyalty towards the brand.

2. Convert Leads On The Go

Your sales representative can track, manage and prioritize sales calling through the mobile app. Get call reminders, track lead progress, update call notes instantly. mobile app screens can be customized to map your sales process.

3. All information in one place

Before speaking to the customer, the agents can access all the information of the customer on mobile. This information would include name, number, previous grievances or feedback shared etc. This will help the contact center agents to understand the customer before placing the call.

4. Record Calls

A contact center agent has to speak to a record number of customers every day. Sometimes the agents can misinterpret or not remember the information. Recording capabilities will allow quality teams to listen to the calls, suggest improvements and deliver a great customer experience.

5. Simple Infrastructure

Say goodbye to complex infrastructure with the mobile app. To make or receive calls, the contact center agents require just an operational mobile phone. For best quality calls, a proper internet connection is essential.

6. Real-Time Data

The mobile app contains activity dashboards and quality management tools that help contact center agents to optimize your performance in real-time.

One mobile application can solve all the hindrances from work from home culture or for agents that are on the field. This Outbound Contact Center, through this pandemic time, has been to contact center agents. They are able to retain their job and provide optimum customer service to every customer.

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