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Gujarat Gas Limited (GGL) is India’s largest City Gas Distribution player with its presence spread across 23 Districts in the State of Gujarat, Union Territory of Dadra & Nagar Haveli and Thane Geographical Area (GA) which includes Palghar District of Maharashtra. The company established in 1980. Its headquartered is in Ahmedabad. In 10th CGD bidding round announced by PNGRB, the company won 6 GAs comprising of 17 cities in the state of Punjab, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, and Rajasthan, making GGL a pan India Company. The company has India’s largest customer base in Residential, Commercial and Industrial segments.

Challenges Faced by Gujrat Gas Limited:
  • The company did not have automatic dialers, the agents used manual dialing to initiate calls for debt collection
  • The management could not track the number of calls that the agents were making on an everyday basis
  • The agents were facing confusion while dealing with customers having multiple contact numbers
  • Customer information was not well organized
Solution Provided:
  • empowered the agents with automatic dialers, which helped increase agent efficiency up to 80%
  • Customer-wise segregation of call details and phone numbers to avoid confusions while dealing with queries of the same customer
  • provided centralized reporting for the management, to help them get an overview of all the operations and keep a tab on all agent activities
  • We also designed a custom CRM for the Gujrat Gas Limited team to help them gather all customer information at one place
Client Requirement:

Gujarat Gas Limited is the largest city gas distributor in India. With their increasing customer base, they realized the need for having a good call center solution to handle all their affairs and make better use of their resources. They needed proper accountability for all the calling operations of their agents, also proper reporting and analytics to help the management to make better decisions to contribute to the operations of the call center. Their main requirement was for a call center auto dialer for debt collection purposes of the company.

Results Obtained:
  • Increased First Call Resolution (FCR) rate – by 72% – due to the’s call center auto dialer
  • Decreased Agent Handle Time (AHT) by 64%
  • Increased agent efficiency by 80%
  • Increased overall ROI by 77%
  • Gave the management a bird-eye view to analyze the performance of all the operations
  • Organized all customer information to resolve queries efficiently streamlined all the calling operations of Gujrat Gas and helped increase their agent efficiency significantly. With the help of features such as automatic dialers, the number of calls made per minute increased drastically and with intelligent reporting and analytics, the management could analyze the performance of individual agents and the collaborative effort of the team as a whole; more closely. By designing a custom CRM for the team, we helped them organize all the important customer information and customer interactions at one place and thus helped them improve overall agent efficiency.

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